432 Hz Tuning Explained

432 Hz Tuning Explained

432 Hz or otherwise known as Verdi’s A was the tuning standard for music before the present day’s 440 Hz replaced it.

This 432 Hz is said to make music more pleasant and positively affects the body and mind. It also has an exciting relationship with our history and planet.

So what exactly is 432 Hz Tuning?

According to a specific musician and researcher, it is evident that instruments uncovered from ancient Egypt made use of this 432 Hz frequency. Even the violins made in the early 17th century were tuned to this frequency.

According to scientists, the violin actually mimics aspects of the human voice. It makes sense now why it was tuned to this magical frequency and has always had exceptional quality.

This also tells you that the 432 Hz frequency resonates with both humans and the world around them.

What is 432 Hz tune?

Guitar Tunning

There’s something very intriguing about music.

Different types of music seem to inspire us to do different things.

So what is it about the 432 Hz that makes us feel so calm and relaxed?

Music is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. Some songs can bring you to tears, and others get you exhilarated and inspire you to do things you didn’t think were possible.

Playlists are created for when you are happy, sad, and every other emotion in between.

Music affects more than your psyche because internal functions such as blood pressure heart rate and anxiety are slowed down. It may even help with digestion.

However, many people are not too versed with how music achieves all these benefits.

After all, what is music made of and what are the properties that make up the landscape of a song?

Ultimately, it’s all about frequencies and how they make us feel. It also has to do largely with how the brain responds to these frequencies.

This is known as the frequency response and depends on the combination of frequencies present in the track. A simple theory will explain the power of 432 Hz.

The history behind 432 Hz

Couple With Harp

Instruments associated with Orpheus, known as the god of music were tuned to 432 Hz.

This implies that it was the preferred choice in ancient Greece.

Most ancient Egyptian instruments were also tuned to this frequency. Also, many CD recordings of Tibetan monks who sang bowls were also tuned to 432 Hz.

There is a high likelihood that this is because the frequency is linked to mother nature and has the natural ability to make people relax and meditate.

The Science behind 432

In order to understand the power of healing behind this so-called magically frequency, you will first need to understand its relation to the 8Hz frequency.

The 8Hz is known to be the fundamental beat of the planet. It was documented in 1952.

The 8Hz or Schumann resonance discharges electrical lighting within the Earth’s cavity and ionosphere. This is done in extremely low frequencies of between 7.86 Hz and 8Hz.

The thought waves created by human brains range from 14 Hz to 40 Hz. This range includes certain kinds of dendrites in the left hemisphere of the brain.

If the two hemispheres are synchronized with each other at 8Hz, they will work together harmoniously.

So what this all means is that the 8Hz frequency seems to be the key to unlocking the human brain’s potential.

432 Hz vs. 440 Hz

432 Vs 440 Tunning

You probably would not believe this, but there is a conspiracy theory about how musical instruments are tuned.

It involves the Chakras, Nazis, and everything else.

As you may already know, musical instruments need to be tuned. As you adjust the tuning, it will make the instrument sound lower or higher.

In order for instruments to sound good together, they all need to be tuned to the same tone.

When you search online for “432 Hz,” you will no doubt find a wealth of information on this topic. Most of these content will tell you about its healing and soothing properties.

However, if you search further or deeper, you will find an explanation for the phenomenon. Speculation insists that the 432 Hz frequency is somehow tuned to the vibrations of nature.

It is believed that the 440 Hz tuning was brought about by Joseph Goebbels to make people feel more anxious.

There’s not much evidence that suggests that the 432 Hz frequency is much different from the 440 Hz in terms of psychological effects.

Orchestras all over the world tune their instruments from 400 Hz to 470 Hz, so if 432 Hz is so much different, someone would have noticed by now.

In all probability, 432 Hz just sounds different to the human ear since they are so used to hearing frequencies along 440 Hz.

432 Hz vs. 528 Hz

432 Vs %28 Hz

There’s a lot of debate about which is better, the 432 Hz or 528 Hz. Lots of people agree that the 440 Hz must be replaced, however, what frequency do you replace it with?

Below are some of the benefits of each frequency, starting with the 432 Hz:

  • The 432 Hz encourages synchronization between the brain’s both hemispheres. Therefore it increases insight, intuition, and creativity.
  • Scientific studies show that it reduces blood pressure, anxiety, and heart rate.
  • It also resonates with the Schumann resonance 8 Hz frequency.
  • It was used in the ancient Greeks, Tibetan Monks, and Egyptians instruments
  • It is known as scientific tuning and is endorsed by many scientists.

Facts about 528 Hz:

  • It is referred to as the “miracle” tone and “love” frequency.
  • It is known to increase UV light distribution in DNA.
  • Used in the song “Imagine” BY John Lennon
  • Said to have cleaned oil from the ocean during 2010 BP spill
  • It is found in nature in oxygen, grass, rainbows and sun rays as well as the buzzing of bees
  • 528 Hz also removes DNA by eliminating impurities that cause disease and sickness

So how is 432 Hz different from 528 Hz?

Both frequencies are in harmony with nature and geometry.

It is also said that 432 has become the evil to 528’s good or the yin to its yang.

There are many more differences between the 432 Hz and 528 Hz.

However 528 resonates with a planet just as the 432 resonates with Earth, except in the case of 528, it’s not our planet that it syncs with.

Ultimately, both frequencies have advantages. So that said, you should use whichever one suits you.

For some people, it would be 432 and for others 528. You may also choose to use both if you so, please.

These two frequencies both have benefits just in different notes, but they are part of the same celestial music.

Either one or the other may resonate with you depending on where you are in your life at the time.

However, whichever frequency you choose to use, don’t dismiss the other just yet as it may come in handy later in your life’s journey.

Why You Need more 432 Hz in Your Life?

Tunning Guitar

When listening to the same music, but tuned at two different frequencies namely the 432 and 440, lots of people admit that they feel a sense of calm and relaxation, especially after hearing the 432 version.

However, the average person may not find it so easy to determine the differences after the first listen as the effects may not be as pronounced.

Over time, you will have more pleasant feelings when listening to the 432 Hz music as opposed to listening to the 440 Hz version.

This is primarily because your brain will become attuned to the Earth’s frequency.

The 440 Hz was actually forced on us by the music tuning pitch standard and is not in harmony with the Earth’s frequency, so ultimately it is alien to humankind.

Humans are a part of mother nature, and prolonged listening to brain music that is not tuned at this 432 Hz frequency will eventually make us feel out of sync.

This could also be the reason why certain types of music that people listen to cause negative emotional reactions in them.

People will, of course, not realize that it is the frequency that is affecting them.

People listen to music tuned at 440 Hz on a daily basis, so no one would actually stop to think and scrutinize a frequency.

However, if you find yourself feeling misaligned and imbalanced for days, then this could very well be the cause.

Since human beings are a part of mother nature, like the animals and all other living things, it makes sense that aligning your energy with the Earth’s frequency will give you inner peace.

Music also has healing properties. Music therapists actually use music to restore the loss of memory in Alzheimer’s patients.

They also use it to improve basic motor skills in stroke patients and help lots of others suffering from various ailments.

The brain is also entrained in specific states of well-being when you listen to particular frequencies in concentrated amounts.

A huge amount of evidence, more so from nature, mathematically from music theory points towards the fact that 432 Hz is a very powerful frequency and all instruments should be tuned to it.

This statement is backed up by the likes of Mozart and Verdi.

5 Reasons to Listen to the 432 Hz Frequency

Illustration Of Tune Waves

Have you recently attended a sound bath?

If your answer is yes, then you are a part of a large movement of individuals that have experienced this unique phenomenon.

However, the truth is that not all sound baths are the same. While some practitioners use bowls, others use gongs.

Many of them use multiple instruments during the sound bath. Some of the instruments you will see and hear are tuning forks, didgeridoos, and chimes.

The intention is to create a healing sound experience that is powerful; however, many of these practitioners are not aware that the instruments are tuned to 440 Hz frequency.

This 440 Hz came out in the early-mid 20th century and is still around in this day and age. However, more musicians are giving preference to the 432 Hz pitch these days.

This can be compared to taking a record while it is spinning and increasing its speed with your finger, and this gives it a corresponding rise in pitch.

The 440 Hz is the higher pitch of the two, and some argue that the 432 Hz has a sound quality that is more fulfilling.

The 432 Hz is known to be more in sync with natural harmony. There are many reasons to choose 432 Hz over 440 Hz, and below are 5:

The difference of 8 Hz on the piano vibrates 432 wave oscillations per second instead of 440 Hz.

Although the 8 Hz may seem small and insignificant, it is enough to be physically perceived in one’s consciousness.

432 is a significant number. Its harmonies are also seen all over ancient sites and spiritual texts.

Traditional schools of yoga teach students that living beings inhale and exhale 21,600 times per day.

There are also 43 buddha statues at a particular Buddhist temple in Indonesia. There’s also one in India.

The highest amount of indents on a golf ball is 432 according to a computer software program.

Vocal training or singing done with 432 Hz music is known to be incredibly relaxing, not to mention easier on the vocal cords than the 440 Hz frequency music.

According to many individual 432 music fills the entire space instead of traveling in a line or direction.

This is the reason why aligning your own voice with this music creates a powerful and unifying resonant effect that the entire body can feel.

If you want to experience a deep cleansing dive with your consciousness, then why not listen to 432 Hz music.

It is quite powerful and effortless in helping you achieve this.

These harmonics resonate cleanly with the body and mind of an individual and gives you a deeper and more nourishing experience while meditating.

Celebrity Prince was asked more than 4000 questions on a website, and he chose only this question to answer, “what is the significance of all music being tuned to 432 Hz?”

He answered by saying “The Gold Standard”

Related Questions

Are there good reasons to use 432 Hz over other frequencies?

Retro Radio Frequencies

There isn’t anything wrong with choosing a frequency different to the 432 Hz.

But studies and science have shown that the 432 pitch has a wealth of benefits for your body and mind.

It induces relaxation and an overall sense of well being when you listen to it.

Can the 432 Hz frequency be detected by the human ear, among other frequencies?

When listening to the 432 Hz pitch for the first time, the human ear may not be able to differentiate it from the 440 Hz one.

However, the more you listen, the better entrained your brain becomes with the 432 pitch and ultimately you will be able to tell instantly when the pitch has been changed.

Do different frequencies affect human behavior?

It is believed that the frequencies can, in fact, alter your emotions.

This is why there are some days when you may feel agitated and irritable and may not know why.

Well, now you have an idea that the 440 Hz frequency may be the culprit.


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