The Myth of 528 Hz Pitch Explained

The Myth of 528 Hz Pitch Explained

The healing power of the 528 Hz frequency has been recognized since ancient times.

However, it’s only been researched since the 20th century. Using this frequency has shown itself to have calming, centering, and energizing effects on the mind. 

The vibrations fill the room, thereby embracing the surrounding space, and this is followed by listening to one’s own heartbeat with a stethoscope bringing you into your own resonant sounding.

In the following article, we’ll take a look at the 528 Hz frequency and exactly what all the hype is about it.

What is special about 528 Hz?

dr leonard horowitz

If you know a thing or two about sound therapy, then you definitely have heard of Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz.

He has an interesting take on the power of 528 Hz and how it affects every living thing in the universe.

According to him, positive attitudes of patients and caregivers and heartfelt loving intentions radiate a special “LOVE” frequency, which is also known as the 528 Hz frequency.

Ultimately, he considers it a good vibration for patients and believes that it is positively and powerfully the source of miracles. According to Dr. Horowitz genetic signals of light and sound compel physical restoration through a programmed biofield.

The capacity of structured water is generally overlooked in DNA to store and transmit frequencies that direct genetic expression and body repair. Musical mathematics energizes negatively charged electrons that prompt miracles. 

According to Dr. Horowitz, this is why grass is green. The structure and color of chlorophyll best explains its function of generating oxygen, which is a natural cleansing and healing element central to water. The oxygen then broadcasts “electrons of love” that alkalize and energize cells and tissues.

Ultimately, what he’s saying is that nature models what receivers caregivers should be doing. Giving and receiving love or the 528 Hz frequency is the key to healing.

According to Horowitz, he claims that the 528 Hz is the “key of the house of David”. This is referring to David’s harp music, which was used to heal King Saul.

And the same love energy generated was used by Jesus to bring healing and miracles. Ultimately, that is what baptism is all about. It is spiritual renewal transmitting healing benefits.

Although plenty of atheists and science skeptics have denounced monotheism and believe they cause division between people and start wars, bridging the gap using solid science and musical mathematics holds great promise for world peace.

What note is 528 Hz?

The 528 Hz frequency relates to the note MI on the scale and derives from the phrase “MI – ra gestorum”.

This is Latin for “miracle”. Stunningly, this is a frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair DNA and is ultimately the blueprint upon which life is based.

Is 528 Hz safe?

There is no evidence that proves or supports the idea that the 528 Hz frequency is harmful to human beings or other living organisms.

However, before we get into that topic, here are some of the facts about the 528 Hz frequency.

  • It is one of the ancient Solfeggio frequencies.
  • Scientific studies show it increases UV light absorption in DNA
  • It heals DNA by removing impurities that cause sickness and disease.
  • It is often referred to as the “love” frequency and “miracle” tone
  • It’s found in nature and oxygen, rainbows, grass and chlorophyll, sun rays as well as in the buzzing of bees.
  • It cleaned off the ocean during the BP spill in 2010
  • It was used by John Lennon in his song “Imagine”

As mentioned earlier, the 528 Hz frequency has not been known to be harmful to people at any point in time. In fact, it is known as the love frequency or miracle tone. Many people believe that it helps to repair DNA. But that has no scientific basis at all. 

It is, however, believed to have a tremendous effect on the human body and is known as a naturally feel-good sound and contains the vibration needed for healing of the mind and body.

If the sound of a said frequency is harmful, it will vary with different individuals. Every human body consists of different proportions of substances, so it is not likely to be a particular frequency that causes harm to the body.

So, although there is no evidence that suggests that the 528Hz frequency is harmful, it is recommended that you tune into how any frequency makes you feel without expectation of good or bad.

The answer is best determined by exploring yourself and not someone else’s experience or explanation. The logic behind this is that ultimately only you can know how a certain frequency affects you.

How do I convert my music to 528 Hz?

528hz tunning fork

528 Hz is a frequency, and this means that something or a certain note repeats 528 times per second.

In music tuning to frequency means tuning one note on an instrument to that specific frequency. So if you tune your violin and for example to 440 Hz, then you are tuning the A string so that when played, IT vibrates at a frequency of 440 oscillations per second. And this, in turn, tunes the other strings so that they are in equal tempered tuning with the A string.

However, if a track has just one note, then you can definitely tune it to any frequency you prefer, but if the track is “music”, then it contains many different notes. However, you can still decide which notes you want to tune to 528 Hz. 

Nowadays, there are various different apps and sites that allow you to transpose your tracks to 528 Hz. 


The 528 frequency is an ancient frequency symbolic of health and longevity.

It’s vibrations lift your heart and divine forces with harmony and nature. Throughout the years, we’ve seen more and more music healers choosing to tune in 528 Hz for awakening spirituality. 

It is also said to help you flow in perfect rhythm and harmony. The 528 Hz frequency is the powerful sound of love and destroys human consciousness and brings more harmony and balance in life.

Ultimately, it helps to create self-love and end problems of hatred, illness, and jealousy in the world and is recommended for good, sound, and deep sleep.


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