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639 Hz Frequency Benefits & How To Use Them

One of the most important tones of the ancient Solfeggio scale frequencies is the 639 Hz frequency. It has been related to the Heart chakra, representing love, understanding, positivity, harmonious relationships, and more.

The use of the 639 Hz frequency is related to our body’s connection to self-love and the love we feel for others while promoting the state of mind required to heal relationships that have been broken and the ability to be compassionate and kind, leading to a peaceful and harmonious life.

About the Solfeggio Frequencies

The ancient Solfeggio frequencies are a group of nine tones derived mathematically from thousands of years old musical scales. Each Solfeggio frequency is related to different aspects of a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states and is said to promote healing and well-being at all levels.

The 639 Hz tone is the fourth Solfeggio frequency and is related to the reparation and mending problems in the listener’s relationships. This beautiful tone will help create a new, more compassionate, and positive vision of life in the listener, leading them to a point where they are ready to start building a peaceful relationship with those they have broken away from.

The positive vibrations of the 639 Hz sound frequency are perfect for promoting new and positive feelings of love and compassion that will extend to the listener’s daily interactions with other people.

639 Hz Frequency Benefits: Building Tolerance in a Loving and Compassionate Manner

True love is about the honest communication of feelings while you keep yourself open to understanding how others feel, regardless of whether you agree with the point of view. This openness, known as tolerance, is exactly what the 639 Hz Solfeggio tone can induce in the listener.

Even though the 639 Hz frequency promotes tolerance, it doesn’t mean that you should accept any abusive or hateful behaviors from others. Those behaviors are not part of true love and should never be tolerated.

Keep in mind that being filled with love and compassion should help you understand how others are feeling and allow you to know how your actions and words can affect others in manners you would have never even considered, creating a more harmonious and loving existence for all those around you.

The Influence of the 639 Hz Frequency on the Heart Chakra

At the start of this article, we mentioned that the 639 Hz Solfeggio frequency is related to the Heart chakra. When this particular chakra becomes blocked by negative feelings, such as anxiety, fear, anger, and others, it will specifically affect how a person thinks and acts toward others. Listening to the 639 Hz frequency unblocks your Heart chakra, allowing the positive energy to flow through once more, restoring balance.

Additionally, if you are having problems with another person, be it a member of your family or a friend, using 639 Hz healing frequencies during your guided meditation is an excellent way to start on your path to reconciliation and lead to more positive energy.

639 Hz Frequency Benefits: Attracting Love and a Positive State of Mind

As we have already mentioned, the 639 Hz Solfeggio frequency is connected to the Heart chakra. This means it can help you release the negativity preventing you from creating and maintaining balanced and harmonized relationships with others. Some people have used it to attract love and create a closer bond with those around them.

Different from other Solfeggio scale frequencies, which have produced impressive results in numerous tests, little research has been conducted on how the 639 Hz frequency can initiate the healing process. However, data from ancient writings provide evidence of this specific frequency being the sound frequency related to harmony, balance, and love.

Today, anecdotal evidence allows us to know that the tone makes creating a wide range of connections easier, be it between differing personalities, specific cells with the rest of your body, and different parts of yourself.

The Heart chakra, to which the 639 Hz frequency is related, is the body’s center for love, empathy, compassion, and tolerance. It is the unifier of all chakras, and its balance creates a connection between you and the rest of the world.

Because of this, the 639 Hz frequency will help you unblock the Heart chakra to create balance and harmony that allow you to face the negativity that created the blockage in the first place.

The 639 Hz solfeggio frequency can help you heal a broken heart, making you and your partner more open and intimate while you work on healing your relationship.

In short, the 639 Hz frequency has a number of benefits that you can use to lead a happier and more harmonious life with empathy and compassion for others. It will help you achieve a higher level of communication with those around you, focusing on a newly found tolerance for those with different views and the feeling of empathy for how your words and actions impact others.

All of this will help you repair relationships that have been broken due to the lack of these loving elements in your life. It will also help you establish new relationships based on understanding and tolerance while allowing you to release the negative aspects of your life that have prevented you from becoming the loving and empathetic person you were created to be.

Feelings such as jealousy, hate, anger, and resentment will be abandoned and substituted by love, empathy, and compassion, that is born naturally from true love.

If you are looking to become a more loving, more compassionate person, able to establish solid relationships based on love and understanding, you can listen to the 639 Hz Solfeggio sound healing frequency either alone or mixed with your favorite music as a part of your sound therapy.

The song “Imagine” by John Lennon is already tuned to this sound frequency, which makes it a good place to get started. You can listen to this love frequency either during your meditation routine or when you have a few minutes to yourself without distractions.

Take a deep breath, focus on your intent, and allow the powerful vibrations of this ancient healing frequency to permeate your entire being.


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