The Best Crystals for Sleep

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A good night’s sleep is important for your health and well-being. Many ways to enjoy peaceful sleep include meditation, relaxation exercises, and natural remedies.

Crystals are often used to improve your environment, which can help you enjoy a restful sleep. Many place healing crystals, such as rose quartz, clear or smokey quartz, amethyst crystals, and others, to support better sleep.

Whether you wear a crystal bracelet or other jewelry or place crystals and rocks around your home, we found the following different crystals are the best in providing healing properties and stress relief, which can help you enjoy a sound sleep. You can try one stone at a time or combine several to enjoy the benefits of these crystals.


Crystals Offer Healing for Sleep Problems

Crystals are known for their healing properties and are symbolic of our deep connection to Earth, natural resources, minerals, and nature.

Their benefits and ancient healing benefits are well known worldwide, creating vibrational transmissions that emit energy that can soothe, relax, and heal your body and mind.

Sleep and Anxiety

Do you experience anxiety at night that’s keeping you awake? It’s normal to worry and have negative thoughts from time to time, though it can impact your ability to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Anxiety especially makes sleep difficult because it causes a tightness in your chest, headaches, digestive issues, and shallow breathing, which can inhibit your rest.

Rhodochrosite is one of the best crystals to ease tension in these areas, and you’ll also find amethyst and red tiger’s eye a good option for your bedside table.


Relaxing is key to a good night’s sleep, and several crystals can provide a meditative environment. Sugilite and celestite offer a sense of zen in your home that infuses a calm and tranquil atmosphere that’s an ideal sleep aid.

Sapphire is known for activating a deep sense of peace with a positive, mystical vision that’s wonderful for a night of deep sleep.

Moonstone crystals offer guidance through anxiety and fear, which can bring a more profound sense of relaxation, and it’s a great stone to keep close by as you rest.

Enhance Dreaming and Protection from Nightmares

Citrine is an empowering stone that helps you fend off the challenges of experiencing recurring and bad dreams. Nightmares can be frightening, and disrupt your sleep, keeping you awake at night.

When you surround yourself with healing rocks such as epidote, you’ll tap into your intuitive side, which naturally evokes a more peaceful state of sleep.

It’s also a great sleep aid in enhancing positive dreaming, while black tourmaline offers protection, which can also fend off nightmares.

Clear quartz and rose quartz also support healing energy, and these sleep crystals are ideal for holding just before night to enhance pleasant dreams. You can also leave one or two of these healing crystals under your pillow to enjoy peace of mind.

Complementary Therapy for Sleep Disorders and Sleep Apnea

You’ll find crystals offer a fantastic complement for disorders such as sleep apnea, which is a condition that causes your breathing to stop or pause off and on as you sleep.

Quartz provides positive energy, opening your body’s channels and encouraging a more effortless, consistent sleeping experience.

Lapis lazuli will connect you to harmony, renewal, and balance. If you need an infusion of energy, jasper is an excellent crystal with strengthening properties.

Relief From Snoring

Snoring occurs for various reasons, as a side effect of sleep apnea or respiratory issues. If you’re looking for crystals that provide a complementary treatment, blue calcite, selenite, and blue kyanite are ideal for clearing and expanding your sinuses and airways while strengthening your energy for an improved flow.


If you struggle with chronic insomnia, you may find several crystals helpful, along with a routine of meditation and relaxation techniques before sleep.

Opal and moonstone relieve you from ruminating and negative thoughts, which can inhibit your sleeping patterns. Ruby, opal, and howlite offer deep tranquility and allow you to release intrusive negativity from your mind, so you can truly relax.

Howlite is an excellent sleep crystal and can help reduce sleep disturbance while calming your mind. It’s an ideal crystal to keep close to your mattress, especially during meditation or stretching before bed.

Rose quartz, fluorite, and green calcite also provide a soothing sensation and calm your emotions and stress after a busy day.

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How to Use Healing Crystals for a Restful Sleep

There are several ways to use crystals to improve sleep, whether you prefer to rest close to your quartz crystals, amethyst, or ruby stones in your bedroom or relax with them during an evening exercise routine or bath.

Crystals in the Bath

A warm bath or shower can help you release stress and sleep soundly at night. You can improve the effectiveness of an evening bath with a few drops of essential oils and one or more crystals that you find most helpful for sleep.

You can add a few drops of essential oil directly into the water or a diffuser while you bathe. Place the crystals around your tub, or into the water, along with herbal teas or leaves that you find calming.

In the Bedroom and Around the Bed

When you arrange healing stones around your bedroom, this creates a crystal grid. You place the crystals with a specific intention, which can invoke healing energy, and synergize with your goals, whether it’s a sweet dream, to improve sleep quality, or help resolve a sleep issue.

A crystal grid is a formation that resembles a geometric shape or pattern. They can be set up in various locations around your bedroom to amplify the effects of your intentions.

You can also add soft music or background sounds as a sleep aid, along with essential oils or incense. You can also use a crystal grid for meditation or yoga, which helps provide balance before sleep.

Placing Crystals Around Your Body

While placing crystals around your bedroom can enhance the quality of your sleep, you may prefer to place them on or around your body to promote better rest.

A three-point crystal grid involves setting one crystal on either side of your head, and a third stone just above the crown of your head, as you take deep, measured breaths.

When you sleep, the crystals are closer to your body; this allows you to harness a sense of peace to focus on gratitude and thankfulness and fall asleep with these positive thoughts.

Wearing Stones as Jewelry

Wearing a crystal bracelet or necklace can provide safety and security while sleeping. If you decide to remove them, these crystals and healing stones can be placed around your room or bed to create a crystal formation.

It’s a good idea to try a few variations, wearing one or two pieces, to determine if you feel comfortable sleeping in this way.

Under Your Pillow and Mattress

Placing crystals beneath your mattress or under your pillow can bring about a sense of balance. Set four stones at each corner of your mattress to guide you toward a deep sleep with positive thoughts and sweet dreams.

You can also place a crystal under your pillow to set the intention for a clear, focused mind the following day.

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The Benefits of Crystals for Relaxation and Sleep

Crystals offer powerful energy that can heal, relax, focus, cleanse, and sleep better. They have been used for thousands of years for their beneficial properties, and crystal healing is common today whether you adorn your home or office with stones, add them to your bedding, or wear them as jewelry.

Whether you invest in a small collection of healing crystals, or several large stones, there are endless ways to incorporate them into your life for greater peace and rest.

When you integrate crystal healing with meditation and relaxing exercises before night, you’ll enjoy greater comfort and balance physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Many people find that their crystal muse relieves insomnia, stress, and interrupted sleep while promoting happier, peaceful rest.

You may hold crystals in one or both hands as you meditate, in the late evening, or just before bed, or you can place them in a crystal grid that best creates an environment of self-love and balance for a peaceful sleep.


There are plenty of crystals that provide a variety of complementary therapies and treatments to aid your sleep. As you become more familiar with the benefits of various crystals, you may favor one or two stones or a custom selection of rocks that help you relax as you fall asleep.

While some people find amethyst to be one of the most effective crystals for sleep, due to the frequency of this healing stone, you may find benefits from clear quartz and selenite.

Ideally, it’s best to try a few combinations of stones that represent what you need most, whether it’s relief from stress and negative energy or simply improving your sleep quality.

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