Best Wind Chimes For Meditation

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Windchimes sought after decorations around the world.

They are often heard ringing above across lawns and city streets in the spring and summertime. While some are classy and pricey, others are festive and cheap; however, they are always readily available in home stores and shops.

Aside from their decorative purpose, windchimes have other benefits as well that goes beyond aesthetic appeal and has been used throughout history.

In the following guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best wind chimes on the market and why you should be investing in them.

#1 Meditation Trio Chime

Meditation Trio Chime Review

The Meditation Trio Chime is made from aluminum and titanium alloy rods.

It’s fixed to a wood base and comes with a wood mallet which makes it both suitable and exquisite as well. This is one of those ideal tools for classroom management since it is calming yet grabs your attention at the same time.

It’s also the perfect tool for assisting you in your meditation sessions since it omits a soothing sound that re-energizes and relaxes you at the same time.

If it’s music enlightenment that you are after, then this is the wind chime for you. It’s a simple music device which can also be used to help children develop their music sense.


● Assists kids in music enlightenment
● Soothing and calming for meditation
● Classroom chime


● Low sound

#2 Responsive Solo Zenergy Chime

Responsive Solo Zenergy Chime for Teachers' Classroom Management Review

When it comes to the Responsive Solo Zenergy Chime for Teachers’ Classroom Management, it’s made from a solid aluminum rod and is fixed to a beach wood frame.

It’s referred to as a classroom chime because it omits a clear and lasting “gong” that resonates throughout the classroom, and the sound can be effective in attracting your students attention inside the classroom.

It’s a good way to start the class, a meeting, meditation session or yoga class as well. It’s also the ideal gift for children to develop their musical sense.


● Resonates with a “gong” to grab attention
● Develops childrens’ music sense
● Solid aluminum


● Sound quality is not as sharp as others

#3 Woodstock Chimes ZENERGY5

Woodstock Chimes ZENERGY5 Review

The Woodstock Chimes ZENERGY5 is a synergy quintet.

This basically means that all it takes is a gentle tap with a mallet and this handheld chime gives off a powerful tone of singular beauty that resonates. It also comes with a lifetime tuning guarantee.

The chime is expertly crafted and features an ash wood frame that has a beautiful cherry finish. There are five silver polished aluminum rods and a mallet as well.

If you’re looking to refocus your class or your mind, then these sounds will refocus any individual. However, it also allows you to focus a group and is an effective way to start the class, yoga session or meeting as well.


● Zenergy quintet
● Expertly crafted
● Calms and focuses individuals and groups of people


● May be too high pitched for certain individuals

#4 Koshi Terra Tuned Wind Chimes

Koshi Terra Tuned Wind Chimes

These Koshi Terra Tuned Wind Chimes are handmade in the French Pyrenees.

It has a harmonious tuning and a soft sound as well as a classy design, making this item one of the best and also most beautiful on the market. They are designed after the popular Shanti chimes.

The chimes have a strong, durable as well as sturdy body which consists of several levels of oiled bamboo veneer. Ultimately this chime produces a gentle, yet pleasant interplay of pure notes and soft overtones that all harmonize together.

Unlike untuned chimes, these tones and notes are pleasing to the human ear. In fact, you won’t seem to get enough of the soothing and relaxing as well as healing sounds from this chime.

They are ideal for meditation and yoga classes. You can also choose to hang them on the interior of your home or vehicle to help you to relax while inside your car. They are available in four accurately pitched pentatonic tunings, each that is symbolic of a certain element.

The elements that are available include earth, water, air and fire. It’s not quite as cheap as other wind chimes on the market, however, considering the precision with which it is made and the various benefits that it offers, this item is a one-of-a-kind chime and an investment well-made.


● Harmonious design
● Fully tuned
● Made from hand-made Pyrenees


● You may experience some flat and dead notes

#5 Meditation Chime

Meditation Chime Review

The Meditation Chime fills the room with a simple yet resonant ding.

All it takes is a simple strike of the wooden mallet to listen to a wonderful tone being released. The note lasts for 10 seconds, and it echoes throughout the room.

It’s probably one of the most soothing ways to begin your meditation and gets you away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can clearly hear the sound of your heartbeat, and this makes it ideal for yoga and meditation.

Feel free to use it inside the classroom to grab the attention of your students. The chime gives off a crisp sound which calls your ears to stand on attention and renew your hearing to that of a newborn baby.

Children are therefore able to cultivate their musical talent and function in a calm yet alert way. Just a gentle strike will give off a powerful voice, and it is the ideal helper for teachers inside the classroom.


● Meditation and classroom chime
● A gentle tap gives off a sound that resonates for 10 second
● Teaches children music sense


● Doesn’t make a big sound

Wind Chimes FAQ

How can wind chimes help with meditation?

wind chimes for meditation

Windchimes have been around since ancient civilization. The gentle chiming, tinkering and gonging sound of these chimes is heard and enjoyed as the gentle breeze pass through them. 

They are hung up on porches, tree limbs, and next to windows inside houses or where ever they will catch the breeze. The gentle sound doesn’t bother anyone while they sleep at night and in fact, it tends to have a calming effect on just about anyone and everyone.

Most people appreciate wind chimes hanging in their backyard, and some appreciate the glasslike sound of some while others like the deep sound of others. However, while there different types of wind chimes on the market, they all produce a soothing and calming effect on individuals.

This is why wind chimes are often used in meditation sessions. The fine-tuned and pure sound is so powerful when it’s combined with meditative and stress-related techniques. Ultimately, not only does it ease the physical and emotional pressures on the mind but on the body as well.

People have found that when they are troubled with a particularly difficult problem, clearing the mind allows for the body to release the worry and also frees them up to new possibilities and they can find solutions much easier.

For those suffering from physical pains, making use of these relaxing and stress-reducing techniques softens the responses and releases discomfort. Ultimately this helps you to take better care of yourself.

The use of hand-made quality windchimes helps you to focus on awareness and allows you to practice these techniques easier as the melodies intertwine and are pleasing and soothing to the ear. 

As you engage in meditation with windchimes, the gentle ringing is a reminder of your intentions and allows you to go further and deeper into your practice session.

Windchime and meditation techniques

There are times during a meditation session when it’s difficult to clear the mind and release thoughts. 

However, when you practice with windchimes, an excellent way to begin is with the intentions of getting your mind open and entering deep relaxation and meditation.

This technique is often practised indoors with the wind chime nearby or outdoors on a breezy day. When you are inside, you can place a fan across the room to activate the windchimes, and it may also be helpful to use a fan that oscillates as this will play the windchimes at regular intervals.

As you hear the wind chimes and feel the breeze, it’s the same breeze that will gently blow away the many thoughts moving around in your mind. Which each sound of the chime, you should allow the wind to find and dislodge thoughts, stresses and anxiety. 

Try to open your fists and picture your worries drifting away on the wind.

How do I choose a wind chime?

chimes for classrom education

Windchimes are magical enough to inspire songs and have resonated through the mind and hearts of humans.

Ultimately, they create a range of experiences for us. They are created and crafted by men, played by the breeze and ultimately provide a subconscious backdrop and become the focal point of your concentration.

They can create an atmosphere of nostalgia or whimsy and make you reminisce about childhood memories or the splendor of the cathedral. Ultimately, they create a light, delicate tinkling sound and turns your home into your own personal sanctuary.

You can create almost any mood you want with windchimes. What’s more, windchimes have been widely used by people across the globe for healing and relaxing purposes since they produce different frequencies and vibrations.

The sound waves given off by these energy chimes are rich in natural harmonics so; basically, they are the healing component of music. They ultimately trigger alertness, deep relaxation and concentration as well. This incredible resonance assists you in focusing your mind on meditation.

So if your goal is to use windchimes to assist you in your meditation, then you need to know how to choose the appropriate windchimes or the ones that are most suitable to be used in conjunction with meditation techniques.

When using windchimes for meditation, you need to take note of one very important fact and that is the tone of the wind chime is far more important than the look. However, you will also notice that chimes look great as well.

Metal wind chimes

Windchimes are available in different materials and metal windchimes very popular.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of these metal windchimes is that they can be tuned to specific notes. This allows the designers to recreate classic melodies or imitate sounds of clock tower bells and cathedrals.

Metal is also extremely durable making these chimes ideal even when exposed to the elements. Some of the most commonly used metals include aluminum, steel, wood brass and copper.

Bamboo wind chimes

Bambo wind chimes, however, make a quieter and fountain-like clacking sound that works wonders when combined with water features and Zen gardens. 

Most bamboo windchimes are hand-carved and hand-tune

Glass wind chimes

Glass windchimes are used to create colorful and extremely detailed chimes that create beauty from both the breeze and sunlight. 

It is a less resonant material and makes a soft tinkling that while audible, will not drown out your conversations.

Shell wind chimes

Shell windchimes are usually flat and pearlescent and very decorative. 

They are usually derived from mollusks in the Philippines and are shaped and dyed to create a delicate tinkling sound that can be compared to that of rippling water.

What do wind chimes sound like?

wind chimes sound

When it comes to the sound of wind chimes, the tone and pitch will ultimately depend on the quality of the wind chime. 

Tone refers to the pitch and the quality of the wind chime sound. As a result, the tone has an important influence on the atmosphere of your outdoor living area. Deep tones tend to be hypnotic and high tones are energizing and playful.

Low tone chimes

A good indication of wind chime’s sound is its size. Chimes that have longer tubes will produce a lower and fuller sound. 

Therefore it will sound deeper and more sustained as well as relaxing and can often be suggestive of a cathedral or sacred music.

Medium tone chimes

Medium tone chimes often have multiple tubes that offer greater variation in notes and a broader range of harmonies. 

These chimes offer a serene and mystical quality, and most listeners find them cheerful and uplifting.

High tone chimes

High tone chimes have short and narrow tubes, and they produce a charming, light sound with a range of notes.

What you should also know is that wind chime notes are not random and manufacturers purposefully piece them together with intentional tunes and tonalities in mind. 

However, you can choose wind chime tunes to personalize a sound.

Can I just listen to prerecorded chime sounds?

diy bamboo wind chimes

Using wind chimes to assist you in your meditation techniques and enter deep relaxation and concentration is a wonderful idea. 

However, finding decent windchimes may not always be possible and can often be trickier than you think. The good news is that if you are not able to get your hands on some windchimes, then you can simply listen to the recorded sounds of windchimes or what we often refer to as prerecorded windchimes sounds.

These recordings are known for mimicking the actual sound of windchimes, and when you’re meditating, you won’t even know the difference. 

The bonus is you can take your prerecordings with you absolutely anywhere. This is something you can’t exactly do with physical windchimes.

However, pre recorded wind chime sounds allow you to take that peaceful serenity absolutely anywhere with you, be it on an idling aeroplane, noisy train ride or even to your desk at work. 

The possibilities are simply endless, and it’s all made possible thanks to prerecorded windchimes sounds.

Wind chimes tips

If you’ve never used a wind chime before then here are some points to remember:

  • Windchimes should never be hung over a door, or else it will be hit by people or the door itself
  • Metal wind chimes should not be hung in trees since the metal element will clash with the wood in the tree. It is, however, okay to hang wooden chimes on trees.
  • Don’t hang windchimes where people sit or directly over a person’s bed. When windchimes are in too close proximity to people, it can tend to have a disturbing effect.

The Verdict

Aside from the well-known benefits of wind chimes such as assisting you to relax and enjoy more mindful meditation, or being decorative, lots of people believe that wind chimes are useful in warding off diseases, eliminating negativity in the home and bringing you good fortune.

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