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Chakra Meditation on the Beach

Everything You Need To Know About Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation involves a deeper understanding of these vital energy centers.

Once you know about chakras, their meaning, and how to harness their energy, you can engage in mindful chakra meditation to improve your health.

When you understand how these energy centers work, you can restore peace, regain joy, and zest for life.

Understand what these centers are, the benefits of chakra meditation and how to use music to enter a state of deep relaxation.

What is a chakra?

A chakra is the Sanskrit word for a wheel or disk.

Chakras are the names for the energy vortexes of the human body, which connect people to the invisible energy sources in the environment. These energy centers are also where people connect with the divine.

Chakra placements on the body connect with primary organs and nerve centers. The primary chakra centers or vortexes run from the crown of the head to between the legs. There are seven of these primary energy wheels or disks and many smaller chakras throughout the body.

There are 114 chakra centers distributed through the body, which serve as purification centers for subtle energies from the Nadi flows of energy.

The purpose of chakras is to clean energy before it enters or leaves the body, but these energy filters often become blocked due to physical, mental, or emotional trauma.

These blockages are where chakra meditation becomes vital for your health as it helps unblock and correct the flow of these energy centers to help restore health.

Blockages in the chakra centers often end up causing disease because they can no longer distribute energy freely to needy organs and nerves. You can, however, clear these blockages with the help of professionals who deal with energy flows or engage in regular chakra meditation to clear these blockages on your own steam.

Seven types of chakras

Types of chakras illustration

Everyone has seven main chakras located along the spine and the top of the head.

Each chakra is situated at a specific position from the head to the base of the spine, and each has its purpose.

1. Crown or Sahasrara chakra

The crown chakra is what it says it is and sits at the crown of the head. This crown chakra connects you with the spiritual consciousness or the divine, yourself, and others.

As with all the other chakras, the crown energy center spins in a clockwise direction when functioning correctly and is your connection with your spiritual or life purpose.

Your crown chakra glows with a violet or white color and does not connect with any element. This chakra links with spirituality, wisdom, and with it, you can access the divinity of existence.

Enlightenment occurs through spiritual development, and you have an excellent connection to express dynamic thinking processes. When an imbalance occurs in this energy center, you tend to lose your joy, become frustrated, and can exhibit destructive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors towards yourself and others.

2. Third eye of Ajna chakra

third eye of Ajna chakra

The third eye sits between and just slightly north of the eyebrows. It is the center of your intuition or your gut instinct.

The Ajna chakra is strongly associated with the imagination and seeing otherworldly things that are typically invisible or unknowable to the general population.

There is no link with any element for this energy center eight. The third eye radiates a beautiful indigo blue color and is your connection to greater consciousness, awareness.

You can also expect a greater level of self-awareness, insights, understanding, intelligence, and assertiveness when this energy center is spinning healthily. You become your own master, free of attachments and without fear of death when this energy center is in balance.

When this chakra is imbalanced, you will feel egotistical or lacking in assertiveness and even be fearful of success. You may also experience unclear vision, headaches, or eye strain.

When you practice chakra meditation regularly, there is less chance of a blockage remaining long enough to create dis-ease.

3. Throat or Vishuddha chakra

Your throat chakra lies in your throat near the thyroid and links with your ability to communicate effectively with yourself and others. It is a beautiful bright blue color and is associated with the element of space.

Other than effective communication when in balance, this energy center relates to inspiration, creativity, self-expression, and faith. When an imbalance occurs in this chakra, you can expect to experience timidity, reservation, difficulty expressing thoughts, inability, or compromised ability to engage in constructive communication.

You will also have a sense of dissatisfaction with yourself and others. Using chakra meditation will help restore a sense of communication and confidence, allowing you to recover your sense of satisfaction with life.

4. Heart or Anahata chakra

Heart or Anahata chakra

Your heart chakra is visually represented in alignment with your heart at the center of the chest. The heart chakra is instrumental in feeling and demonstrating compassion and love for the self and others.

The heart chakra radiates a green color and links to the air element. Other positive emotions associated with this energy center include passion and trust. A balanced heart chakra also produces a sense of friendliness, motivation, caring, and optimism.

But when this center is blocked or imbalanced, you are likely to be susceptible to feelings of distrust, anxiety, anger, rage, possessiveness, fear, jealousy, and wild swings of emotion.

5. Solar plexus or Manipura chakra

The Manipura chakra lies between the heart chakra and the bottom of the rib cage and is intimately connected with your emotions. This energy center also revolves around egotistical and negative emotions such as rage and aggression when imbalanced.

It is also connected with confidence, a sense of control, and self-esteem. The solar plexus energy center is yellow and is representative of fire. An imbalance in this energy center revolves around perfectionism and can cause liver, digestive, and diabetic health issues.

When you engage in daily chakra meditation, you maintain the health of these energy centers, which is vital for your well-being.

6. Sacral or Svadhisthana chakra

Sacral chakra meditation pose

This chakra lies just under the belly button and links with creative and sexual energies. The sacral chakra links with the water element is an orange color and connects with how you connect with yourself and others on an emotional level.

When blocked, this energy center is responsible for feelings of irritability, self-worth, explosive imbalanced emotions, and a lack of energy.

Similarly, this chakra links with physical and sexual desire, obsessions, and emotions. When in balance, you will feel light, positive, energized, intuitive, and compassionate.

7. Root or Muladhara chakra

The root chakra is below the coccyx at the bottom of the spine (between the legs) and is the foundation of life. The Muladhara is red and links with the element of earth.

This chakra provides grounding and a secure foundation when in balance. When balanced, you feel secure, stable, independent, self-sufficient, and ambitious.

When the base chakra is out of balance, you think the opposite and go into survival mode, feel unstable, frustrated, lacking in energy, weak, and lack purpose and drive. If you’re feeling insecure or unstable, a chakra meditation will help you regain your overall sense of stability.

What is chakra meditation?

What is chakra meditation

Chakra meditation is vital for a healthy vital body and mind. When you use a chakra meditation, you exercise your ethereal or invisible energy body, much like you keep your physical body healthy with exercise and nutritious food.

Chakra meditation is essential to maintain health as any adverse emotional, physical, or mental situations can quickly cause chakra blockages. Something as seemingly simple as feeling offense or insecure can cause a blockage. Chakra blockages then restrict the flow of life-giving energy to your organs, causing ill-health.

People use chakra meditation to restore balance to these energy centers. A chakra meditation will restore harmony and balance. Harmonious, balanced chakras enable you to feel alive again and connect with your spiritual source of life, energy, and purpose.

Chakra meditation means focusing on each chakra center in one meditation center or on one energy center per meditation–it’s up to you as there are no hard and fast rules for meditation.

The purpose of chakra meditation is to achieve a deep state of relaxation. Deep relaxation is much easier to accomplish with calm, relaxing music that allows you to access a deep subconscious level of the self. Through meditation and accessing the subconscious intelligence of the universe and the self, you help regain your natural state of existence, which is a state of peace and universal love.

Chakra meditation can also be done using a guided vocal meditation. You can focus on the energy vortices spinning harmoniously in a clockwise direction. You can also visualize the clearing of blockages from your energy centers as you practice a chakra meditation.

Another popular method of chakra meditation is to use sounds associated with each chakra. You can either listen to these sounds or vocalize them to clear your chakras and restore balance and health to your life.

The sounds and Sanskrit words associated with each chakra center are as follows:

  • Root – Lam
  • Sacral – Vam
  • Solar plexus – Ram
  • Heart – Yam
  • Throat – Ham
  • Third eye – Om
  • Crown – Aum

Repetition of these sounds while focusing on each chakra center helps clear blockages, restoring a healthy energy flow into and out of the body on all levels. Balanced chakras also ensure a free flow of energy between your body and mind to restore calm and balance to your life.

Another way to help unclear your energy centers is to play appropriate music while asleep. But a combination of focusing on chakra meditation while awake and asleep is preferable.

You can reap multiple benefits from chakra meditation when you engage daily in this practice.

Benefits of doing chakra meditation

Benefits of chakra meditation

Chakra meditation holds many promising and practical benefits, but you must meditate regularly to access the power of each energy center.

Take care of each energy center, and you will gradually get to know the power inherent in each one. As you gain experience, you achieve greater self-awareness and can harness the power of these energy centers.

You can expect to achieve multiple benefits from chakra meditation, including:

  • Intensifying levels of spirituality and faith
  • An inimitable sense of peace and harmony
  • Increasing levels of self-confidence without arrogance or the ego
  • A growing sense of willpower and determination to accomplish your goals
  • An increasing sense of love for others, the self, and life in general
  • The capacity to maintain a genuinely cheerful outlook no matter what life throws your way
  • The capacity to continually transform negatives into positives
  • An increasing ability for self-healing
  • The constant ability to improve your sense of self-love and self-worth
  • Acceptance and forgiveness come easily without the ego constantly tripping you up and interfering with a meaningful life
  • You regain a sense of drive and ambition, motivating you to pursue your dreams fearlessly
  • Your intuition improves, allowing you to interpret positive and negative situations around you
  • Your focus improves, ensuring greater concentration and the ability to achieve your goals with a clear mental approach
  • Anxiety and stress are no longer words you relate to as you replace these negative states with peace, balance, and harmony
  • You recover your true state and a sense of purpose, which is extremely fulfilling

Chakra meditations to know about

You can use these chakra meditations to regain overall balance in one session.

Alternatively, you can focus on one chakra per meditation, depending on where you believe the most healing is necessary.

1. Root chakra meditation

chakra meditation

Get into a comfortable sitting position, preferably outside. Relax to peaceful meditation music while you breathe in and out deeply. Focus on your root chakra and draw red light into this center with each breath.

Expel the energy through this center as you exhale, sending it down into the earth. Chant the Lam vocal throughout this chakra meditation.

2. Sacral chakra meditation

Sit peacefully in a chair and rock your pelvis backward and forwards to loosen the sacral area. Breathe deeply in and out while listening to meditation music.

Visualize orange energy flowing into this center while breathing and chanting the word, Vam. Feel the energy permeate your entire body as you inhale. Exhale and imagine blockage clearing.

3. Solar plexus chakra meditation

Solar plexus

Sit serenely in a chair or on the ground while focusing on your breath. Place your hands on this center at the start of the meditation, and then gently place your hands on your thighs.

With each inhalation, imagine drawing in yellow energy throughout your being while chanting Ram. Also, expand your stomach muscles with each inhalation, expel the breath until nothing is left, and tense your muscles simultaneously. Gently come back to the present once your meditation time is over.

If possible, imagine the heat flowing through your body. You can also practice this chakra meditation with a burning candle nearby or imagine flames heating your body throughout.

4. Heart chakra meditation

Use the Yam vocalization when engaging in this meditation. Breathe air deeply into your lungs and stomach, extending your upper chest and abdomen with each inhalation. Imagine green energy flowing through this chakra with each breath intake.

As you release each breath, ensure that your lungs and stomach fully deflate until you can feel your stomach almost touching your spine. Expel the green energy down the spine, through your feet, and into the earth with each exhalation.

Feel the sense of love as you meditate from this center, change the color energy intake to pink, and focus this on your heart. Allow the pink to flow through the rest of your body for harmonious, heart-strengthening chakra meditation.

5. Throat chakra meditation

throat chakra

Sit upright in a chair or the floor and gently rotate your neck in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction several times.

Relax your facial and neck muscles while focusing on the throat chakra. Repeat the Ham vocalization with each slow intake of breath and each time you breathe out.

Visualize the beautiful bright blue energy entering your throat chakra and spinning it gently in a clockwise direction as you breathe in. As you breathe out, visualize any blockages clearing until you’re satisfied that your throat chakra is clear or clearer.

Focus on achieving clearer communications with yourself and others as you transfer this blue light to your mouth, throat, and ears. Gently come out of this state of relaxation when you complete the session.

6. Third eye chakra meditation

Focus your closed eyes on the third eye chakra as you get into a relaxing, meditative state. Draw in the enchanting indigo blue while chanting Om to achieve greater insight, imagination, and wisdom.

Draw awareness from this center to the pineal gland in the center of the brain. Situate the tip of your tongue behind the front teeth in your upper jaw while doing this meditation. Draw the light in and expel the blockages as you exhale.

7. Crown chakra meditation

crown chakra meditation

Connect with universal love, power, and creation as you build your spiritual strength with the crown chakra meditation.

Visualize a beautiful lotus flower on the crown of your head as you draw in soothing white or violet light through this center with each breath intake. Chant Aum throughout the meditation while listening to meditative music.

Follow up with a tube of light connecting you with the universe from this center. Draw the light in deeply and allow it to expand through your body, transforming in color as it passes through each successive chakra color until you can ground yourself with red energy.

Visualize your spiritual awareness and consciousness growing with each intake of breath. Give thanks at the end of this meditation as you acknowledge the source of all.

Best ambient music for chakra meditation

The best ambient music for chakra meditation relates to the element associated with each chakra.


Now that you know more about chakras and the way they work, you can leverage this knowledge.

Engage in mindful, conscious chakra meditations to restore balance in your life. Meditate to music to enjoy peace, energy, and many other benefits that chakra meditation provides to live a life of fulfillment.