How Delta Waves Affect Sleep

How Delta Waves Affect Sleep (And How to Increase Them)

The Delta state occurs when you are asleep. It is the slowest of the five brainwave frequencies and ranges between 0-4 Hz.

Therefore delta waves make your sleep regenerative and help you wake up feeling fresh and energetic after a good night’s rest.

So how do Delta waves affect sleep?

Delta waves induce deep sleep through the production of melatonin and HEA, which are hormones. They not only affect your health but your overall well-being.

Delta brain waves also make you feel more relaxed and empathetic. It is often associated with deep rest and calmness. There are many ways in which you can increase our Delta waves.

What Exactly are Delta Waves?

Illustration Of Brain Delta Waves

Our brain is made up of millions of neurons, and they all communicate with each other to get different things done.

This activity produces enough electricity, so much so that the EEG machines can detect it.

Delta waves are related to the deepest levels of sleep in an individual.  It induces peace of mind and overall well-being. Delta waves were discovered in the 1900s by a researcher.

The human body will release hormones while you sleep, and this aids in breathing and digestion. Delta waves are always present in the unconscious mind.

Delta waves are also responsible for intuition, and this refers to how the body naturally responds to specific activities or events.

It is intuition that helps us tap into the natural abilities of the body and the mind’s expectations. So ultimately, it can help you make better decisions.

These waves are designed to stimulate delta wave brain activity.

Because music and the oscillation of the brain waves are similar, music can be used to influence the brain wave pattern of the mind.

Benefits of Delta Waves

Relieves Insomnia

Man Can't Sleep

In the Delta state of mind, you are sound asleep.

It is the slowest of the five brain waves and the slow-wave Sleep or SWS is the deepest of sleep states and plays a vital role in health and well-being.

The brain begins very slow, large delta waves during this phase of the sleep cycle.

Your hectic schedule may not allow for a full eight hours of sleep; however, the slow-wave sleep may trick your brain into thinking it has had all the sleep it needs.

Deep Sleep and Healing

These waves help you heal and recharge for the next day ahead. Without these crucial brain waves, you will wake up feeling tired and sleepy instead of rejuvenated.

Increased Intuition and Empathy

Delta waves are responsible for helping us empathize with others.

It is also the key to knowing how to handle various issues and situations that we might be faced with on a daily basis. With delta waves tapping into the minds, abilities are made easy.

Releases Anti-Aging Hormones

Delta brain wave activity releases DHEA and melatonin, which are both anti-aging hormones.

These brain waves also decrease the production of cortisol, which is the stress hormone.

You remain youthful when melatonin and DHEA are increased in the body, and cortisol is decreased.

Increased Sense of Tranquility and Harmony

Delta brain waves give you a sense of peace and harmony. Ultimately it helps you achieve a much deeper state of tranquility during your meditative sessions.

Improved Immune System

The improved immune system function is associated with restorative rest, and delta waves are related to healing sleep.

Delta waves help give your immune system a boost by helping you get to rest and relaxation.

Delta Brain Wave Facts

Illustration Of Brain Waves

It is extremely hard to stay conscious in this state, and this is why it’s all the more mysterious what your brain is doing during this phase.

Since it is the lowest level of brain wave activity, if it gets any lower than this, we are technical “brain dead.”

The fetus during your final stages of pregnancy has delta brain waves at its dominant state. So this implies that your baby will be pretty chilled out.

Some people believe that delta waves give them access to God. They also believe that by doing so, they have access to infinite intelligence and their collective unconscious mind.

Before a person dies, delta waves are the last waves that they produce.

A baby from the age of 3 months to a year has dominant levels of delta wave activity.

Delta waves are produced when you are in a deep and non-dreaming state of sleep.

While some people claim that it is possible to reach this stage and remain conscious, it is highly unlikely.

Delta waves are linked with the production of HGH or human growth hormones, DHEA, and serotonin.

It also boasts lots of other good hormones in the body. It has this in common with binaural beats and isochronic tones.

Because it is more or less unconscious state, there is very little to report on. In fact, you may not recall the experience at all.

It can be described as just going off somewhere, for no apparent reason and not quite remembering what did there anyway.

How Delta Brains Waves affect sleep?

Delta waves were first discovered in the 1900s shortly after the electroencephalogram was invented.

This machine allowed researchers to observe the brain during sleep.

While you are asleep, the brain cycles through a number of different stages, each phase is distinguished from each other by the brain activity that occurs.

You are still awake and somewhat alert during the initial stages of sleep. During this first stage of sleep, the beta brain waves are produced.

Eventually, as the brain begins to slow down, the slower brain waves known as alpha waves are observed via the EEG.

Once you fall asleep, stage one begins. The brain starts producing slow and high amplitude activity at this point known as theta waves.

This phase is brief and only lasts around 10 minutes.

The second stage is slightly longer and lasts 20 minutes or so. It is marked by sleep spindles, which are rapid bursts of brain activity.

Once an individual enters the third stage of sleep, the brain begins to produce the deep and slow waves called delta waves.

You are far less responsive during this phase and less aware of your external environment. Delta wave sleep is considered the transition between light and deep sleep.

More Delta Wave Facts

Research suggests that women show more delta wave activity than men do.

Even the female species across the animal kingdom show similar tendencies; however, science hasn’t entirely made the correlation as yet.

Delta waves can be increased by using a ketogenic diet which is high in fat and low in carbohydrates.

Changes in delta wave activity can be seen in patients with Parkinson’s disease, narcolepsy, and schizophrenia.

Some chemicals and drugs have been known to affect delta wave activity, and long term abuse of these drugs and chemicals can lead to changes in delta activity.

How to Increase Delta Waves

Testing Brain Waves

There are quite a few ways in which you can increase your delta brain waves.

One surefire way is to listen to binaural beats each day for a certain period of time. You can listen to these beats for 30 minutes a day, as long as you do it every day.

Delta waves have several frequencies so you need to find out which frequency you should be listening to.

Meditation is another way to increase your delta wave activity. You can meditate irrespective of whether you have a particular technique or intention.

However, some meditation techniques are especially good for enhancing delta waves.

One of these is called “Bubble Meditation.” While you can do it alone, it is best done in a group.

You can start off with our usual meditation routine and make yourself as comfortable and calm as possible.

Once you are relaxed, imagine yourself inside a bubble with all your senses. The more sense you can use for this purpose, the more vivid your visualization becomes.

The Bubble is big enough and has more than enough room for you. So experience the Bubble for a little while. The first Bubble is your consciousness.

Everything that you are aware of is right here inside the Bubble with you. Then you should expand your Bubble to the size of your room.

Experience this gigantic Bubble once again. This is your pre-consciousness. Everything that you know will be accessible immediately if you think of something.

Now expand your Bubble to football stadium size and experience this third Bubble, which is your unconsciousness.

Eventually, you will enter your meditation and ground your experience, making it a conscious one.

Too Much Delta Wave Activity

Emotional Baggage

Two Woman Hugging

If you have too much delta wave activity going on, then you have probably been told that you worry too much about others and that you literally feel what they are feeling.

Some people do enjoy increased empathy, but others may feel too caught up in the emotional lives of other people.

If you aren’t prepared for it, the delta wave can make you overly emotional and feel like you are carrying around the weight of the world.

Extreme Sleepiness

These waves are linked to deep sleep; if you have too much of these waves, then you will be sleepy quite often.

These waves are usually present during deep sleep, and if they are there when you are awake, you will definitely experience drowsiness and an overwhelming need to sleep.

Unfocused Mind

Too many delta waves can make you unfocused. In fact, it has also been linked to ADD. Excessive delta waves can increase mental fogginess, forgetfulness, and dreaming.

If you are prone to these symptoms already, then it’s probably best to steer clear of delta waves.


In the delta phase, the brain functions at the slowest pattern, and the central nervous system uses hardly any energy.

So all the energy you accumulate during the day from eating needs to be put to use. The excess energy is usually expressed as hyperactivity in some people.


Too much delta waves can bring on seizures.

So if you are prone to seizures or have epilepsy, it’s a good idea to stay away from anything that can lead to increased delta brain wave activity.


Prolonged exposure to delta waves can lead to mild to severe headaches. So limit your time spent in this phase to a realistic period, or what you know you can reasonably handle.

Binaural Beats Can Increase Delta Brain Wave Activity

Illustration Of Binaural Beats

Brain wave activity, while you are sleeping, is very different from the activity when you are awake.

During non-REM sleep, the lower frequency, slower theta, and delta waves are dominant.

When you’re awake, the alpha and beta waves are prominent, making you alert and active.

Binaural beats can help to slow down brain wave activity and therefore inducing the delta state of sleep.

So when your delta state is entered, you will receive a heightened state of rest and relaxation. You will also wake up more refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Delta waves vs. white noise machines

Not many people work in a monastery or desert island.

Since you will always be distracted by background noise, you need something to block it out.

Studies show that while high levels of noise impair thinking, consistent low-level ambient sounds increase productivity.

So in a nutshell, working at the end of a runway at an airport won’t enhance your creativity but ambient noise will.

Most people have heard of white noise. It is ambient, low-level noise which sounds similar to the whooshing of a fan, constant rainfall or waves crashing in the ocean.

In fact, it is a combination of all these frequencies put together at a similar level.

However, white noise has been shown to improve memory and concentration. It also boosts cognitive functions and improves recall.

White noise in an office environment helps to mask distracting sounds and conversations.

White noise also enables you to sleep better since it masks sudden noises, and therefore, you won’t be interrupted by the slightest of sounds.

White noise machines are helpful in blocking out extraneous noise but also effective at inducing and enhancing normal sleep.

White Noise Machine

These sound machines achieve this because they emit frequencies that match your alpha, theta, and delta waves, which all play a role in rest and relaxation. 

So it starts by helping the brain calm down and relax and then encourages the human sleep cycle.

In times gone by, people used old and noisy fans or clock radio playing static to help them sleep. Nowadays white noise machines are available.

They are also carefully designed to enhance and promote a good night’s sleep. Most of them are small enough to slip into an overnight bag.

So which is better for sleep, white noise or delta waves?

Ultimately, both of these options ill deliver slightly different results.

In order to determine which is best for you, it is imperative to understand the difference between these two sleep aids.

Whites noise sound machines are effective in helping you sleep because they mask unwanted noises.

So when you are sleeping, and a neighbors dog barks, a tap drips, or the couple upstairs is arguing again, you will not be awakened.

White noise will simply mask those background sounds so that they blend in with the white noise you are listening too.

Now what you need to remember about white noise is that although it aids sleep, it can also be used for working and studying.

You can use it to block out distractions so you can get more work done or learn better while studying.

With delta waves, you are in a deep sleep cycle. This is why delta waves are not recommended for anything besides a good night’s rest.

You cannot use delta waves to study or work because you are not in your conscious state of mind at all.

In fact, the beauty of delta waves is that they are active in your unconscious state.

So the simple answer is that white noise and delta waves are suitable for different requirements.

White noise is best used for working, studying, and restful sleep, while delta waves are purely conducive to deep sleep.

Related Questions

Can you have too much delta wave activity?

Yes, indeed, you can. While delta waves are effective in bringing on rest and relaxation, too much has disadvantages.

It can lead to seizures, headaches, and a lack of concentration during the day.

What is the best way to increase Delta brain wave activity?

The best way to increase delta brain wave activity is through meditation.  Binaural beats are also another way of boosting delta wave production.

Are delta waves present more in men or women?

According to science, women have more delta wave activity than men do.

It is not just in humans but in the animal kingdom as well. However, scientists are still not sure why this is the case.

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