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Do Weighted Blankets Help You Sleep? Here’s the Real Answer

Weighted blankets are often recommended by sleep specialists and medical professionals to provide relief from insomnia, anxiety disorder, stress, chronic pain, and other conditions.

They offer a deep, comforting, soothing pressure due to their heavier materials and filling, usually plastic pellets or glass beads.

Weighted blankets have many health benefits, but do they help you sleep? It’s essential to consider your personal needs, find the right weighted blanket, and how they can help you enjoy quality sleep.

Is a Weighted Blanket a Good Option for You?

Heavy blankets are popular and favored by many people, and they offer a calming effect due to their deep pressure touch, which also provides warmth, like a giant hug. As you sleep with a weighted blanket, you’ll find many benefits and drawbacks to review before you buy one for your home.

What are the advantages of weighted blankets?

  • They are comforting for individuals with mental health conditions, including bipolar disorder, depressive disorder, anxiety, stress, restless leg syndrome, lower blood pressure, and other psychiatric disorders, to provide a night of better sleep.
  • Weighted covers offer warmth, which is an added benefit during the winter, or colder temperatures.
  • Lower anxiety, easier breathing, and a lower heart rate due to triggering the nervous system with the blanket’s pressure, which is calming and secure.

Are there any drawbacks to using a weighted blanket?

  • Traditional heavy blankets are often made of materials that are not sustainable, though fortunately, modern weighted covers are eco-friendly and ventilated.
  • They can feel warm during the summer, which can be challenging to adjust to, though they may offer ventilation features, which have a cooling effect.
  • People with obstructed sleep apnea may find it challenging to use a weighted blanket.
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How to Choose the Right Weighted Blanket

When you decide to invest in a weighted blanket, it’s crucial to find the right fit for your body weight, which should generally be around ten percent.

You’ll also want to review the materials and composition of the blanket, and other features, to ensure it’s compatible and comfortable.

For example, some people may prefer a heavier blanket for a deeper pressure effect, while others enjoy a lighter weight.

Weighted blankets are available in many stores, including houseware shops that sell bedding goods, department stores, and online retailers.

If you’re working within a budget, you’ll notice these blankets cost anywhere between sixty dollars to over two hundred dollars.

There are many colors, styles, materials, and weight options, and these heavy covers are designed for adults and children. Choosing the best-weighted blanket is vital to ensure you receive deep pressure therapy’s full benefits.

Do Heavy Blankets Actually Work?

Weighted blankets are designed to help people with insomnia and sleep disorders enjoy a good night’s rest with little or no interruptions.

While some people may not immediately notice the advantages of sleeping with a weighted blanket, the results tend to appear after consistent use over time.

In most cases, there is a significant improvement in sleep quality after three months, on average.

If you use a homemade weighted blanket, such as a large-knit cover that’s naturally heavy, you may find different results based on the materials.

It’s a good idea to read reviews on various brands, such as a Layla weighted blanket, a Gravity blanket, or specific fabric types that can enhance your sleeping experience.

If you choose to create your own heavy blanket, especially a knitted, heavy chain weighted blanket, it’s best to choose a yarn that’s heavy but sustainable and breathable for best results.

Do Weighted Blankets Help You Sleep

Are Weighted Blankets Worth the Investment?

Considering the numerous benefits of weighted blankets and how they can provide comfort and ease the effects of anxiety and other health conditions, they are an excellent investment for your well-being.

Many people enjoy the advantages these blankets provide, in addition to, or instead of, traditional therapies or as directed by a medical professional or therapist.

Weighted blankets are durable, comfortable, and a medicine-free way of enjoying a good night’s rest while experiencing relief from various conditions.

While many heavier blankets can be initially costly, they are worth the purchase, and their invaluable benefits of providing a sense of security and balance can increase the quality of your sleep in the long term.


Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to your overall mental and physical health. Weighted blankets, along with the best mattress and the right amount of gentle pressure, can provide the ideal environment for a proper rest.

These blankets are an excellent solution for any sleep problem and work well with other treatments, including melatonin, to reduce the effects of various disorders.


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