Ultimate Guide To Epic Music Compilation

Ultimate Guide To Epic Music

Lots of people who love to listen to Epic music online find that they more or less like it.

However, many people have trouble understanding what makes it epic.

If you look at Wikipedia, it mentions that this type of music is described with “feeling adjectives” such as uplifting and powerful, however, you can also have powerful and uplifting pieces that are not Epic.

So what exactly are the characteristics of epic music?

Well, Epic music has quite a few common characteristics such as harmonious changes, and from a cultural standpoint, there is a grab bag of particular harmony changes that most of us equate with epic.

There is also always an instrument that you can hear playing on there is also a tone held over in and at least one voice.  And this voice is often emphasized by the composer.

If you’re still having trouble understanding exactly what makes Epic music epic then pay attention as we’ll take a closer look at epic music and its many benefits for the mind and body.


What is considered epic music?

what is considered epic music

Perhaps the best way that we can describe this type of music is music that makes you feel like you’re doing something grandiose or you’re changing the world.

Try to imagine trailer music for action and adventure movies. This is basically the same feeling that epic music should invoke in you.

It should uplift and empower you and therefore is the perfect type of music when you’re feeling uninspired, rundown or simply tired during your workday. When listening to epic music, it will give you that extra boost of motivation.

So when it’s late, and you lack the energy, or you need some inspiration for a specific project that you’re working on, try listening to some Epic music. You’ll need to truly embrace it and allow it to work through you so that you soon start to feel empowered and inspired.

The word “Epic” can actually relate to “heroic” since an epic is a genre of poetry about legendary feats carried out by heroes of ancient times. However, the current definition of epic music is defined by the audience, and community of people through social networks.

Ultimately, any music that makes you feel heroism or has a big emotional burden can be considered epic and largely depends on the visual scene that is accompanying the sound as well.

Epic music is also a relatively new musical genre, and it is a mixture of other genres as well. For example, we can find heroic scenes that are hopeful or emotional in video games, and this is where you’ll find Epic music as well.

So ultimately, the main characteristic of epic music is the emotion inside the compositions and the way it makes the listener feel.

Types of epic music?

Fantasy epic music

Fantasy epic music is basically those types of soundtracks that you find in fantasy games or movies. It is usually based on orchestral instruments and is meant to inspire and motivate you.

Therefore the best way that fantasy epic music can be described is as epic and powerful.

YouTube video

Some other examples of Epic music compilations include There is a Hero in Us and The Realm of The Fallen King

Battle epic music

Epic battle music is basically the type of music that you find in certain action video games and the type of music that you hear in action movies, especially during those scenes where a fight must ensue.

A sample of some of the best epic battle music can be found below:

Anime epic music

Epic anime music is basically anime theme music or anime soundtracks. This is either the opening credits or the ending theme. It sometimes is the inset song or the background track.

Japanese music tends to get lumped into this genre as well, but in most cases, that’s what they are.

An example of the best anime music available online can be found below:

Gaming epic music

Epic gaming music is basically the type of songs or soundtracks that you listen to while playing video games. This gaming epic music is intended to motivate and uplift the player.

Gaming music is also referred to as video game music. Ultimately, video game music is catchy and fun and lets you know that you’re not doing something serious. Video games may seem quite trivial as well; however, the whole point of video game music is to let you know that you’re playing a game.

Further studies conclude that music is intended to change the heart-rate and to move you and make you feel.

Some of the best epic gaming music can be found below:

Orchestral epic music

Epic orchestral music is often referred to as a dramatic type of music.

This is the type of music that you often find featured in or used in the background of movies such as The Titanic, in scenes where a very significant action is taking place. It is dramatic and suspenseful and basically sets the mood for the moment.

Some examples of the best epic orchestral music can be found below:

Background epic music

Epic background music can be just about anything. It all depends on where the soundtrack is being used.

Background music is used in movies and video games. So depending on what a specific movie or video game is about, the background music can be playful, suspenseful, dramatic, animated, and so on.

Examples of great background epic music can be found below:

So as you can see when it comes to epic music, there are various types available, and each type of music is used in a different setting to invoke different kinds of feelings and emotions.

Ultimately, though each type of epic music has its place and for a complete list of all types of the favorite epic music throughout time, feel free to have a look here.

Epic music selection

Although epic music has its place in certain circles, it’s not completely accepted in specialized musical circles. In lots of cases, they are not even classified as a musical genre on their own.

Epic music is more a series of rhythms, sounds, and melodies that are associated with scenes of battles between armies, wars, fights to the death, fantasy movies, romantic movies, and video games.

So it is associated with being the backing tracks or the soundtracks in movies that are considered epic such as movies about battles of the legends, staging great battles, historical characters, etc.

This type of music is also not left alone in theatre. There are lots of classical types of symphonies that can be referred to as epic music. Other types of music also used in war scenes is the “Carmina Burana” which is a well-known collection of songs called ” Goliards”.

They have medieval connotations and these musical sequences are used in many scenes.


In 1990, one of the first companies out there started creating “trailer music”. This would later become known as “epic music”. Two of those well-known companies are known as Globus and Inmediate music.

This type of music was only accessible by clients that it was specifically being made for or for the film and television industry.

However, throughout the years, and specifically between 2005 and 2010, lots of authors of epic music began to get the recognition they deserved for their creations, especially when they used in events such as Olympic Games, etc.

So slowly but surely the community of epic music started to grow and spread throughout the globe.

Nowadays, epic music is easily accessible on various online platforms such as YouTube, Spotify and Freeaudiolibrary.com.


Music has a way of filling an environment with substance. It can also make you feel alive, well up with tears, or it can help you to relax. However, the question is, can it make you more productive?

Music is used to set the tone for our environment and mood irrespective of whether you are trying to unwind at home or you’re throwing a party.

However, music has also become a mode of escape since the majority of us spend our time staring at a computer screen throughout the day. So music is more often an escape from outside distractions or dull and mundane tasks.

It should be noted that the type of music you’re listening to depends on the effect that you’re going to get out of it. When it comes to increasing productivity or giving you the motivation that you need, epic music is definitely the way to go.

It often tends to make you feel like you are accomplishing something that’s going to change the world, and it gives you that feeling of empowerment.

So on days when you’re feeling uninspired or fatigued, listening to some Epic music will definitely give you that extra boost of motivation that you’re looking for.

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