Healing Frequencies List

Get To Know The Healing Frequencies List

Sound healing is a form of therapeutic medicine that may seem as though it is a modern, new-age style of medicine based on its scientific principles, but has actually been practiced for centuries.

There are a number of incredibly effective healing frequencies that play a significant role in producing relaxing sounds for anxiety, depression and so many other issues.

Many believe that sound healing dates back to Ancient Greece when there are reports that music was used as a tool for attempting to cure mental disorders and similar conditions.

There are numerous examples throughout history in which music and sound are used as mood and productivity boosters, tools for therapy, treatment and so much more.

In this article, we will discuss the intricacies of sound therapy and how sound frequencies heal the body. We will also take a closer look at a collection of the more well-known healing frequencies, and provide insight into each one’s specific beneficial characteristics.

How Do Sound Frequencies Heal The Body?

How Do Sound Frequencies Heal The Body?

Music has been known to have the ability to evoke a wide range of emotional responses in the human body. Feelings of happiness and joy, melancholy reflection, cathartic tears, and even physiological responses like goosebumps are possible.

Sound healing involves the use of specific sound frequencies in order to target and heal different parts of the body and aspects of the mind.

Sound healing is a form of medicine that uses the vibrational constituents of sound frequencies and synchronizes brain waves to achieve relaxation and the restoration of normal vibratory frequencies in our cells.

There are a number of different instruments or tools that are typically used for sound frequency healing and therapy practices, including gongs, singing bowls, pan flutes, a galimba, windchimes, and several others. The vibrations produced are measured in units of hertz (Hz), which is the unit by which we measure sound.

The human ear is capable of detecting and processing frequencies anywhere from 20 hertz to around 20, 000 hertz, or 20 kilohertz (kHz).

Certain sound frequencies have been found to be effective in treating several different kinds of ailments and/or conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, depression and nervous system disorders.

These frequencies promote proper circulation, activate destressing responses in the body, and facilitate overall rejuvenation.

In the following section, we will provide a comprehensive list of healing frequencies, and a brief description of their respective beneficial properties.

Beneficial Healing Frequencies

40 Hz

40 Hz

Sound frequencies at 40 hertz have been linked to the effective stimulation of memory and increased neural response efficiency. This specific frequency has been shown to activate gamma brainwaves, which are shown to be involved with higher brain functions like memory and cognition.

These frequencies have been used extensively in a number of different Alzheimer’s therapy studies, and are continuing to be analyzed for their beneficial properties.

147 Hz

The 147-hertz frequency has been said to be effective in promoting clarity and intellectual organization, as it resonates with the cerebral cortex, which is largely responsible for conscious thought processes and creativity.

It has also been linked to decreasing inflammation from injury or infection and reducing the amount of scar tissue that forms internally on affected joints, tendons, and/or ligaments.

285 Hz

285 Hz

This frequency is one of the well-known Solfeggio frequencies, which were used in sacred music for its healing benefits. The 285-hertz frequency in specific has been implemented in order to help the healing and regeneration of tissues and organs through vibrational therapy.

They are believed to facilitate the body’s cellular regeneration processes, which are crucial for healing and recovering from injuries.

This healing frequency is often used in the treatment of burns, fractures, cuts, and other injuries as it effectively works to enhance the immune system.

396 Hz

The 396 hertz sound frequency is another significant healing frequency that has been associated with the suppression and elimination of negative emotions and fear responses.

This specific frequency is believed to be useful in the alleviation of guilt and related guilty feelings, in order to promote acceptance and inner peace.

This is another one of the Solfeggio frequencies, which makes it one that will often be featured in spiritual healing music. 396-hertz frequencies balance the root chakra (base of the spine), while helping to transform negative emotions into positive ones.

417 Hz

417 Hz

417 hertz is another one of the main Solfeggio frequencies, however, this one is less focused on the healing of physical injuries or issues, but instead helps remove negative energy and dissolve emotional blockages.

This frequency has been implemented in therapy sessions that aim to address negative emotions and energy associated with traumatic events or stressful occurrences in one’s past.

It is also believed to be useful in the removal of negative energies that are present in the immediate physical ambient environment. 417-hertz therapy activates the sacral chakra (below the navel).

432 Hz

The 432-hertz frequency is used to target the ever-important heart chakra (located in the center of the chest), which contributes to spiritual activation during treatment or therapy sessions.

This frequency is also believed to be an effective facilitator of positive mental processes and emotional stability.

This sound frequency is an important part of our healing frequencies list as it helps achieve higher levels of mental and emotional clarity.

It has been considered an effective tool for tuning opera singers and is used in a variety of meditation soundtracks, sacred songs, and other aspects of sound therapy.

440 Hz

440 Hz

The 440 hertz sound frequency is a known healing frequency that has been implemented therapeutically to help with cognitive function and development.

Music that is tuned to this frequency has been called “cerebral” music, which refers to its effect on cognition and thought processes.

It is known to activate the third eye chakra, instead of the heart chakra which is associated with the quite similar 432-hertz frequency that we just talked about.

The third eye chakra is linked to perception and awareness, which correlates with the cerebral enhancement of this specific healing frequency.

528 Hz

This frequency is actually also known as the love frequency, and the musical tone is often called the “miracle note”. It has been associated with feelings of goodwill and blessings and has a history of being used in native and indigenous cultures for centuries.

It is featured in a variety of sound meditation sessions and musical compilations that are meant to provide relaxing sounds for anxiety.

528 hertz is one of the more prominently recognized ancient Solfeggio frequencies and is believed to connect and resonate with the center of our being.

It connects the heart with the spirit and divine harmony and produces love energy that activates creativity, awareness, and inner peace.

From a scientific standpoint, the 528-hertz frequency has been shown to increase UV light absorption in DNA and acts to repair DNA by removing imperfections or issues that cause diseases and sickness.

It is found in nature in rainbows, grass, chlorophyll, and the buzzing of bees, and was also used by John Lennon in his hit song “Imagine”.

639 Hz

639 Hz

This healing frequency is associated with the heart chakra, like a number of the other frequencies in our review.

The 639-hertz frequency has been implemented in a variety of treatment plans and therapeutic sessions with the primary goal of facilitating positive emotions and good energy.

Studies have shown that exposure to this sound frequency has a role in the improvement of the listener’s situational awareness. This situational awareness in turn can also help provide clarity in regards to communication and the proper handling of interpersonal relationships.

852 Hz

The healing benefits of the 852 hertz sound frequency are centered around the idea of redirecting the conscious mind away from stressful, invasive, and anxiety-driven thoughts that are unhealthy.

These negative thought processes are known to contribute heavily to significant mental issues like anxiety and depression.

Sound therapy treatments and sessions will implement the 852-hertz healing frequency in order to focus on the alleviation of over-thinking tendencies and feelings of worry.

This frequency is used to promote relaxation and feelings of security and positivity through the elimination of negative thoughts and emotions.

963 Hz

The 963 hertz sound healing frequency is another one of the well-known Solfeggio frequencies and an effectively relaxing sound for anxiety.

It is associated with activation of the crown chakra (located at the top of the head), and is believed to help clear mental fog while facilitating a connection with core feelings of humanity.

This particular frequency has been called the “frequency of the gods”, as it is said to help listeners establish a stronger and deeper connection with the divine.


Sound therapy and the use of different healing frequencies in order to improve the overall health of the human mind and body is something that has existed for as long as history has been written.

In modern-day civilization, it has evolved into a scientifically-driven form of medicine and therapy that is implemented by practitioners all over the world.

From early-age indigenous populations to new-age westernized civilizations, the benefits of healing frequencies are a significant part of medicine and therapy.

The spiritual enlightenment and energy-driven healing potential that proper use of sound therapy provides is clearly something to pay attention to.

In this article, we have discussed the general idea of sound therapy, healing frequencies, and how they work to actively heal the body in different ways. From the synchronizing of brain waves to the activation of different chakras, we dive into a variety of important aspects of this therapeutic practice.

We have also provided a detailed breakdown of 11 of the universally recognized healing frequencies, and their notable benefits for the human body, mind, and soul.

These specific frequencies are used in a number of different ways, including therapy sessions, hospital treatment plans, and music/sound therapy methods that create relaxing sounds for anxiety and other prominent mental issues.

We hope that this article has provided the knowledge you were looking for in regards to sound therapy, healing frequencies, and the benefits that they can provide. Check out our Youtube channel for high-quality healing frequency and sound therapy resources.

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