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Heart Chakra Frequency

Your heart chakra is often referred to as the most important, and for good reasons.

Whether you look at it spiritually or scientifically, the frequency of the heart is extremely important. It operates differently from all other chakras, and possesses some of the most powerful frequencies in your body.

If your heart chakra is out of order, you’ve effectively damaged the bridge between your lower and upper chakras, breaking a sacred connection that throws more than just your heart chakra out of whack.

But what does the heart chakra even do, and how do you know if it’s aligned?

What feeling does it give you, and how can we tell just what we’re supposed to do?

Let’s explore that, help you understand your own heart chakra better, and talk about finding alignment with your intuition.

What is a Heart Chakra?

what is heart chakra

A heart chakra is one of your 114 chakras. 112 of which are located in your body, so your heart acts as a powerful chakra.

Now, as one of many, you may think that it’s not as vital as some of the others. But as we described earlier, it’s actually a bridge between most of your chakras. If your heart chakra is blocked, misaligned, or disconnected, the rest of your nadis cannot flow throughout your body.

You have 72,000 nadis of energy in your body, which focus around the chakras, and without the bridge of the heart chakra, you’re ruining the path of energy in the body.

The heart chakra controls three major parts of who you are:

  • Thought: Quite literally, the way that you think. Your mind is connected to every chakra in the body. Everything affects it. But if your energy cannot pass through your heart chakra—the most crucial bridge—then how can they flow to and through your mind? Your thoughts are being clouded if your heart chakra isn’t aligned.
  • Emotion: If your thoughts aren’t clear, imagine what your emotions are doing. They’re going haywire while being completely out of whack, and it’s not helping with normal day-to-day interactions with people, nor with your personal understanding of your mental health and mental clarity. Emotional control is key to perfect harmony and balance.
  • Spirituality: While some define this differently than others, it’s surely a connection with something beyond our own bodies and minds. Spirituality has its varying definitions depending on who you speak to, but it all ties back to the common understanding that we are small and fragile in this universe. Spirituality is also defined as being one with the human soul, which perfectly aligns with chakras and solfeggio frequencies.

What’s Heart Chakra Frequency?

Heart chakra frequency

The frequency of the heart chakra is 639 Hz, which is in tune with the Earth’s year. But what does this mean, exactly?

The heart chakra is designed to help us connect with others and form general connections much better. This can be a connection to a person, an animal, or a place.

Chakras can align with other planets besides just Earth, which is why it’s important to know that your main chakras connect to other places besides Earth. This means that your heart chakra plays a much more vital role than you realize.

Can Heart Chakra Frequency Be Out of Tune?

Yes, it absolutely can be. That’s why it’s important to go ahead and utilize chakra tuning forks.

These work in a similar way to other chakra healing methods that we’re going to talk about later in this article.

You have weighted and unweighted tuning forks that can be used to correct your heart chakra. And for that matter, plenty of other chakras. There are different tuning forks depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Weighted forks will only vibrate when they are in contact with an object, or the human body. You can’t make them vibrate otherwise, so these help to balance the internal frequency of your chakras.

Unweighted chakra tuning forks are used for the root chakra as well as the two external chakras. However, they’re difficult to use, and something that you’ll have to master before you can really expect to have the level of inner peace and tranquility that you’re after.

It takes practice, but the heart chakra frequency can be restored with some time, meditation, and effort to revitalize it.

Problems Experienced With Damaged Chakra

Damaged chakra

This all connects the physical with the spiritual. When you have an issue or damage your heart chakra, it disrupts the body and occupies the mind.

These are some of the most common issues with the heart chakra. Don’t worry; we’ll get into how to fix them in a little bit.

1. Holding Onto Past Anger (Grudges)

If you haven’t been able to let go of the past, particularly when someone has wronged you or something has happened to you at the hands of someone else, you’re blocking your heart chakra right now.

It’s difficult to forgive, possibly one of the most difficult things that you can do, but it’s necessary to release this blockage.

2. Trust Problems

You know when you aren’t able to trust someone. It’s a feeling you get somewhere beyond your mind; it manifests physically.

When you get that feeling, it’s best to listen to it nine times out of ten, but that lingering tightness in your chest doesn’t do anything good for your heart chakra. It’s difficult to trust, which is why it’s often mishandled and trust becomes broken.

3. Previous Relationship Pain

damaged hearth chakra

A past relationship, whether that’s a friendship, romantic relationship, or family relationship, can dwell on your mind for a long time.

These people were close to you at one point, so it’s difficult to not think about them. You have to do your best to simply let go of past relationships and move on.

4. Loneliness

On the flip side of the equation, if you’re yearning for companionship, you’re also blocking your heart chakra.

It’s hard to both find a way to stop being lonely while not being burned by trusting someone, which is one of the great balances of life that we all have to figure out. It’s necessary to begin opening up this channel of energy again.

5. Not Expressing Emotions

This is one that most people are guilty of. If you aren’t expressing your emotions—which can lead to those other issues persisting, by the way—you’re blocking off positive energy as well as negative energy.

Confrontation may have occasional negative emotions, but overall they keep our minds clear.

6. Being Defensive

Some people take everything personally, and that’s not a good, healthy thing for anyone to experience. It’s not good for your relationships, or your personal peace of mind.

If you can ease up and not be as defensive about things or take them as personally, it will open up a world of possibilities and unblock your heart chakra.

7. Anxiety

Anxiety may start in the mind in most cases, but it’s a physical response. Proper stones and meditation can help combat anxiety, but it’s definitely one of the biggest aggressors when it comes to blocking your heart chakra.

Healing Heart Chakra

There are four primary ways that you can heal the heart chakra. These are the most common, although there are other lesser-known methods that can be applied as well.

1. Chakra Stones

chakra stones rose quartz

Chakra stones can be used with little to no effort. Whether you wear them or hold them, they can offer excellent chakra healing benefits.

Rose Quartz: These crystals aren’t always going to look the same. While it can be quite vague, the rose quartz stone is said to directly affect your heart and help you attain balance over your chakra, plain and simple.

Jade: Emotional healing is difficult, but jade makes it easier. Emotional healing requires balance, and jade is perfectly fit for that.

Green Calcite: Imagine that a stone could absorb negative emotions from your life, and free up your heart chakra. That’s what green calcite is used for. Alternatively, if you’re caring about others more than yourself, it can help you regain balance and not give more than you take.

Green Aventurine: While it’s definitely a beautiful stone to have around your neck, it’s also said to improve emotions and soothe stresses, allowing you to have mental clarity through tough emotional times. In short, these will help you open your heart chakra when you need it the most.

2. Your Diet

It sounds absurd, but I think we can all agree that there are plenty of foods out there that are not spiritual in the slightest. Foods that are natural to the Earth and help the heart actually help your heart chakras. You can use foods such as:

  • Greens: Greens are born of the Earth, and the heart chakra aligns with the frequency of the Earth, so it only makes sense. Heart balance is essential.
  • Vitamin C Fruits: This works with any vitamin C source, but the more natural, the better. If you’re not interested in eating these fruits outright, you can make smoothies with other heart chakra-friendly foods to monopolize the benefits.

It’s also important to note that warm soups help as well, but you can “hack” this to help boost your chakra health even more.

There is some information out there that talks about warm soup being helpful to emotion healing, although you should take that with a grain of salt. Either way, if you can infuse greens and vitamin C sources into a soup, it’s just killing two birds with one stone.

3. Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation are powerful to help others, but more powerful to help yourself. You can use specific words or phrases of affirmation to better help you understand where your spiritual alignment should be.

It’s easy to get in your own head and misalign your chakras, especially your heart chakra. You can use phrases like these to help you along your journey:

“I can forgive others, and I am able to forgive myself.”

“My heart chakra is open; nothing can close it but me.”

“I can love all, and that will bring me joy.”

“I am open to new experiences; I won’t let fear close my heart.”

“I choose joy, happiness, and love, and nobody can take that away from me.”

You can choose your own words of affirmation, which is why this exercise can be personalized. You can choose whatever speaks to you without having to worry about doing it incorrectly, or not according to a book or preconceived plan. It is what you make it.

4. Meditation and Yoga

healing hearth chakra with meditation

Meditation helps you align with your body and mind. Since chakras are energy pathways throughout the body, meditation and yoga will help in every way possible.

To get started with meditation, you can look at our list of the best books on meditation. We’ve devised a buying guide to help you find the best initial book to get started with, and teach you all about meditation from start to finish if it’s something you haven’t started before.

When it comes to yoga, there’s more than just the physical element to it, but we’re going to focus on that physical element.

When you use meditation with yoga, you can focus on the spiritual yoga positions that help open and exercise your chakras, while also developing your body to better optimize your chakras at the same time. Consider it a workout with an equal amount of spiritual benefits to physical ones.

Healing Starts Within

Meditation and yoga are extremely helpful, but now we know how to go beyond those and actually heal, repair, and altogether restore our heart chakras.

A blocked heart chakra disrupts your intuition and awareness; it’s time to take control again. Your heart chakra is the key to balancing your emotions, your spirituality, and your thoughts—and we mean having complete control over those thoughts.

If you crave mental clarity and being aligned with every chakra in your body, well, we’ve just given you the blueprint to success. It’s time to start healing.


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