How Alpha Waves Help You Study (And How to Increase Them)

How Alpha Waves Help You Study

Are you thinking a million thoughts all day and not getting enough sleep as a result?

Then you will definitely benefit from Alpha brain waves.

When it comes to relaxation, focus, stress release, and letting your creative juices flow, increasing your Alpha waves is the way to go.

So how can Alpha waves help you study?

The logic behind this question is that the Alpha state of mind is ideal for memory retention and learning. Therefore the attaining dominant Alpha waves in the brain leads to focus and relaxation, which is conducive to a learning environment.

So the question is, how do you increase Alpha waves in the brain?

A relaxed state of mind has been proven to increase Alpha waves. So learning how to remain calm, destress, and relaxation is key to increasing your Alpha waves.

How to increase alpha waves?

Illustration Of Alpha Waves Working On The Brain

In order to understand the Alpha waves and the four other types of brain waves present, we first need to understand what brain waves are.

The human brain consists of billions of neurons in various regions that make use of electricity to communicate with one another.

Your synapses create amalgamated combinations of millions of neurons when firing in synchrony and these neurons march in lockstep as a coordinated “neural network” linked to your thoughts, mood, and a specific state of consciousness.

The combination of electrical activity in the brain is known as brain waves.

Medical equipment such as EEG machines is used to measure the oscillation of electricity levels in various parts of the scalp.

Alpha Relaxers

Many experts believe that a relaxed mental state is linked to increased Alpha waves.

Therefore reduced stress and anxiety will help you stay calm and get into the Alpha zone. Increased Alpha waves also boost creativity by an average of 7.4%.

So this implies that creative people indeed have enhanced the Alpha activity. People suffering from depression are thought to have impaired Alpha activity.

Therefore it is possible that by increasing Alpha brain activity, one can potentially treat depression and mood swings.

some other ways to enhance Alpha activity

Learn to Meditate: It is said that meditation may enhance alpha brain waves.

Take Deep Breaths: Deep breathing exercises may also boost alpha waves. In order to practice this, you should sit comfortably, and breath in gently through your nose. Thereafter exhale through your mouth to a slow count of five.

Close your Eyes: Higher levels of alpha waves are created each time you close your eyes. This is more so when doing some visualization.

Try Yoga: Yoga or any other activity that you find relaxing can also help in this regard. Some people enjoy listening to soothing music, drawing, painting, or having a massage to reach the height of relaxation.

Have a Relaxing Bath: If you can close your eyes and switch off while in the bathtub, you already know what generating alpha waves are like.

The Correlation between Alpha Waves and our State of Consciousness

Alpha Waves Testing

A correlation between an increase in Alpha brain waves and the ability to reduce depression and increase creative thinking was made.

This was the case irrespective of whether the brain waves were increased mindfulness and meditation or electrical stimulation.

Therefore our different states of consciousness are directly linked to the constantly changing chemical, electrical, and architectural environment of the brain.

Daily thought processes and habits of behavior have the power to alter the connectivity and architecture of brain structure.

It also has the ability to change electrical neural oscillations and neurochemical state of your mind.

Since it can be argued that a relaxed or focused state of mind increases alpha waves, then white noise or colored noise will indeed play a role in enhancing these brain waves.

Do alpha waves help you study?

In order to study effectively, you need heightened concentration and focus. This can only come from being calm and relaxed.

Ultimately, you need to alter your state of mind in order to prepare to take in new information. If you don’t do this, you will struggle to absorb new information.

One of the best ways to increase alpha waves is by listening to pink noise.

The right type of sound is crucial as the wrong sound environment will lower motivation and reduce productivity. It can also be distracting.

So listening to music is simply not enough to boost brain activity to an extent where your brain is ready to absorb new information.

Pink noise has all the frequencies that are audible to humans but at a lower frequency range. This makes it more pleasant on the ears than white noise.

It is extremely useful in blocking out background noises which can easily distract you.

Ultimately, pink noise enhances alpha brain activity or waves, which means it does also help you study. So the simple answer is yes, alpha waves do help you study.

How Does Pink Noise and Alpha Waves Help You Study?

Man Studying In Library

Pink noise or white noise blocks out background noise. While listening to these frequencies, you are relaxed and often calm.

Therefore, your alpha brain activity starts to sore. This is the ideal time to work or study.

A quiet environment may be conducive to studying for some people; however, others who lack concentration will need a little more help to get focused.

This is where pink noise comes into effect.

The ability to remain focused is increased by the rhythm or flow of the pink noise, which blocks out unpredictable distractions. Ultimately your focus improves significantly.

Research also suggests that pink noise can help you study and perform for more extended periods.

The quality of your study session will also improve as you won’t lose focus. When it comes to tasks that require your creativity, this benefit is definitely worth noting.

So as you listen to pink noise, you will ultimately increase your alpha waves and brain activity, until you are completely relaxed and then the absorption of information can begin.

However, the key here is that you need some help in getting into that alpha zone, and this is where pink noise comes in.

It all ties in and comes together as part of a  plan to encourage and improve relaxation, focus, and concentration.

Increasing your alpha waves is definitely something that is going to take time and lots of practice.

However, the good news is that once you put in the effort, the results are permanent.

The alpha waves enhancement will also affect your happiness, creativity, productivity, emotional stability, and relationships in a more positive way.

So here are some additional ways to increase your alpha waves

Neurofeedback Testing

Neurofeedback is probably one of the fastest ways to enhance alpha waves.

It basically allows you to listen to your brain waves in real-time and encourages you to change them at will.

Gratitude and forgiveness are two of the most powerful ways to boost alpha waves. In fact, when you combine them, they become more potent.

Carrying around stress from past trauma unknowingly can have a negative impact on you.

By exercising forgiveness and gratitude, you will learn to let go of the past and permanently increase your alpha waves.

Blue light is the reflective light from LEDs and electronics you stare at. Blue light blocking glasses blocks out almost 100% of blue light, which enhances your alpha.

Pink noise, as mentioned before, is worth a try as well. The positive effects that pink noise has on a person’s state of mind is tremendous.

It helps you relax and unwind and keeps mind chatter at bay. This is imperative whether you need to fall off to sleep, work, or study.

So one way of ensuring that you are never without these beneficial frequencies is to invest in a pink noise sound machine.

These machines are programmed with various sounds that block out background noise and have a relaxing effect on the body and mind.

So it places you in a conscious state that is ready to work or study free from distractions.

Related Questions

What are some benefits of Alpha brain waves?

Increased alpha waves reduce stress, optimize your athletic performance, improves immune function, boost creativity, and is a natural antidepressant.

Is increasing Alpha waves a permanent process?

Yes, it is.

Once you put the time and effort into enhancing alpha waves, you will benefit permanently.

The effects cannot be reversed, and perhaps the only side effect is that you will want to do it continuously.

When are Alpha waves increase?

The optimal state of mind for increasing alpha waves is a relaxed and focused state.

Therefore you need to be completely calm and free from stress to achieve the enhanced alpha activity.

You can accomplish this relaxed state by doing whatever calms you. Some people enjoy listening to pink noise; others do yoga and meditate. It all depends on what works for you.