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Top Mantras For Inner Peace And Self-Soothing

Inner peace is important for various reasons. It alleviates negative thoughts and anxiety and helps you to feel greater happiness in your life, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. 

How do you gain inner peace?

There are many ways to achieve greater inner peace, such as spending time in nature and meditating regularly.

It’s not always easy to nurture inner peace, however, especially if your mind is filled with toxic thoughts and fears. This is why having a mantra you can say is so useful.

Here’s our guide to some of the most effective ones to add to your next meditation. 

8 Best Mantras For Inner Peace 

effective mantra is ‘This too shall pass.’

You can access your inner peace right now, wherever you are and whatever you’re currently going through.

Mantras are useful in this regard because they help you to focus on bringing peace into your soul, instead of waiting for peace to come to you.

‘This too shall pass.’

This is a useful mantra to say out loud when you’re feeling overwhelmed by anxiety. This mantra works because you might feel that your anxiety or panic attack will never end.

It sure feels that way when your heart’s racing and your mind is filled with negative thoughts. Reminding yourself that it will pass can help you get through it faster. 


You’ve probably heard about the ‘om’ mantra, but it’s really powerful so you should add it to your regular meditation. It helps you to gain peace, with research finding that chanting ‘om’ for 10 minutes improves your mood. 

Other research has found that it can help you to reduce symptoms of stress and social anxiety. 

‘I accept divine guidance. I am always safe.’

‘I accept divine guidance. I am always safe.’ is one of the most popular inner peace mantra

This mantra originates from Louise Hay, author of the book, “You Can Heal Your Life.” It works well for making you feel more centered on a stressful, anxious day because of its two sentences. 

By stating that you accept divine guidance, this helps you to surrender your fears. This can be scary, though, especially if you’re anxious or don’t want to lose control, so following it up with ‘I am always safe,’ gives you instant calm. You remind yourself you’re being guided by a divine presence that will lead you to safety.

‘I am breathing in, I am breathing out.’ 

When you need to self-soothe yourself in a stressful or anxious moment, you need a simple mantra that will help you to break through all your thoughts.

By being more aware of your breathing, this helps you to connect your body and mind. Your breath also helps you to produce a peaceful state of being and focus on the present moment.

‘Om Shanti’

This powerful mantra means “peace.” It helps to foster inner as well as outer peace, as well as unity. When you want to feel more connected to the universe and Divine energy, it’s a mantra that helps to cultivate that. 

This mantra allows you to see that you can separate yourself from your fears and worries, as you are part of something much greater and more infinite than your earthly existence.

‘Ham Sa’

positive mantra for inner peace

This mantra means, “I am that.” It’s a positive mantra that you can use when you want to be more present in the moment and gain greater mindfulness. It also helps to remove self-critical thoughts that can block your path.

This is a popular type of meditation mantra you can chant at any time, but it’s especially useful when you find yourself in a stressful situation. When saying it, try to say ‘ham’ as you inhale, and then say ‘sa’ as you exhale.


This mantra is translated to mean “I am Divine Love.” When you say it out loud, it helps you to feel more connected to divine, unconditional love. It’s filled with adoration, forgiveness, gratitude, and harmony.

You should repeat this mantra 108 times so that it can unite your body, mind, and soul, allowing you to feel greater inner peace.

‘Lumen de Lumine’

latin mantra Lumen de lumine

This Latin mantra is a chant of light, as it means ‘light of light.’ It removes darkness and clears your mind and soul with greater energy.

It revitalizes you and gives you inner peace as well as power, so it’s perfect for when you want to feel calmer but also want to go out there and manifest your dreams.

You can use this mantra for yourself or for others. Think of someone who needs some help or blessings and say this chant so that you can send positive thoughts their way. 

Related Questions 

What happens when you recite a mantra in your mind?

Known as “japa,” silently repeating a mantra helps it to take root in your mind. “Japa” means “muttering” in Sanskrit.

Can you use your own mantra?

There are no rules when it comes to mantras, although it’s good to know what mantras are popular and why. You can, however, choose your own mantra to give you greater inner peace. You might have to experiment a bit to see which one works for you. 


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress, you don’t have to wait for things to get better so that you’ll feel peaceful and calm again. You can make yourself calm right now.

In this article, we’ve looked at how you can achieve inner peace with mantras so you take control of your anxiety and negative thoughts to ensure they don’t get the better of you.



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