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Massage Music: Everything You Need To Know

Massage music will calm drown all emotions of your customers, putting them in a good mood for a long duration massage.

According to research, soft music played during a massage session activates mood-enhancing brain chemicals. In reality, the healing influence of music goes way back to ancient Greek times. 

Ancient Greeks relieved depression, facilitated sleep, and eased pain through music. They aren’t the only ones who understood the influence of music, the local African, and American tribes started singing songs during healing ceremonies.

The sweet and soothing effect of music on the healing process has extended to modern times.

Importance of relaxing massage

Your body works incredibly hard for yourself each day of your life.

You expect years of service with your body, years that are mostly packed without enough sleep, just enough exercise, unhealthy food, air pollution, polluted water, and lots of tension. But how much do you pay close attention to the symptoms of wear and tear that your body gives with back pain, a swollen arm, and a tight chest

Massage therapy is an opportunity to reconnect to the body. Massage therapy relieves typical aches and pains that come from hours spent on monitors, at tables, standing over someone or something (dentists, construction staff, and so on), or on sore legs.

Massage therapy also helps relieve common conditions such as lumbar release and nerve damage, chronic lower back pain, calf muscle tension pain, and Soft tissue sickle cell disease.

Massage therapy increases your life by reducing discomfort, improving circulation and flushing all toxins, and strengthening your immune system. It ensures a chance for you to be genuinely secure with your own body.

Danger of stress

body reaction to stress

Stress is any adjustment in the world that allows the body to adapt and respond to the reaction. The body responds with physical, behavioral, and emotional feelings to these changes. 

Stress is a natural part of your life.  A lot of incidents that happen while around you affect your body and what you do to yourself putting, tension pain on your body. You can feel good or bad types of stress through your environment, which affects your body and your feelings.

How Does Stress Affect Health?

The human body is built to feel and respond to stress.  Stress should be constructed, such as having a career promotion or taking on more responsibilities to keep us alert and ready to escape risk.

Stress becomes unpleasant when a person experiences constant challenges without rest or relaxation throughout challenges. As a result, the individual becomes overworked, and indeed the stress-related frustration builds up. 

Distress can lead to physical effects, including headaches, stomach upset, high blood pressure, abdominal pain, and sleeping issues. Data shows that stress can also exacerbate or intensify such symptoms or illnesses.

Stress often becomes dangerous when people are consuming alcohol, cigarettes, or medications to ease their stress levels. Unfortunately, instead of alleviating tension and restoring the body to a relaxed position, these drugs appear to hold the body in a tense stressful, and trigger further complications. Please note the following: 

  • Forty-three percent of all people suffer from stress-related adverse health effects. 
  • Seventy-five percent to 90% of all doctor’s clinic appointments are with stress-related diseases and problems. 
  • Stress may play a role in complications such as migraine, elevated blood pressure, heart issues, insulin, skin disorders, asthma, inflammation, anxiety, and depression.

Health benefits of Massage Music

massage boost with music

Analysis has shown that sound and massage music are successful in the treatment of several conditions:

  • Sleep: The use of classical, calming music, singing, or soothing sound has been found to calm people enough to enhance sleep. Many that use relaxing sound and music make you fall asleep quicker, stay asleep later, and wake up more. 
  • Stress Reduction: Stress is minimized when auditory calming and music is played at medium to moderate frequencies during the day. Breath slows down, and the heart rate decreases as the body relax. This can be particularly potent for those diagnosed with hypertension and metabolic syndrome.
  • Reduced fatigue: fatigue is reduced as both a result of increased sleep consistency, but also as a result of decreased stress. Body weakness and cognitive ability are decreased under long-term, persistent stress. Listening to sweet music and songs will reduce this fatigue dramatically. 
  • Pain: It is assumed that, because music is experienced by our senses, primarily through our nervous systems, these sensory impulses serve to suppress slower-moving pain signals and reduce our experiences of pain. Studies also reported that discomfort is minimized when sound and music are used.
  • Improved Endocrine Function: Endocrine function is significantly improved, mainly as a result of decreased stress. When we are experiencing stress, our body undergoes a lot of changes in the reproductive system as cortisol and adrenaline are released into our bodies. These neurochemicals affect the way our other hormones work and disorganize our endocrine system. Reducing stress will lead to major changes in our sex hormones. 
  • Depression and anxiety: sound and music will substantially minimize the effects of depression and anxiety. Many aspects work together to bring about a big change in these conditions depression is decreased, pain is reduced, and sleep increased.

How can Massage music boost the massage experience?

massage ambient

Many of the salons and spas play acoustic music to make visitors relax during the massage. These instruments are known for making sounds and rhythms that bring people into the feeling of calmness, such as the flute from India or the simsimiyya from the Middle East and Egypt. These stringed instruments produce harmonic, reverberating sounds; the sitar is like a guitar, while the simsimiyya is a typical pulled lyre.

Oriental sounds are often celebrated, including Chinese instruments such as piano, gaohu, guzheng, and pipa. The ambient sounds of waves breaking against the sea, leaves rusting in the wind, birds squeaking, or running water can also create a relaxing feeling during the massage.

In this modern generation, people are consciously using it to put them to sleep or calm their minds. For years, massage therapists have integrated music into their massage treatments by boosting the massage experience. The calming powers of music are numerous. Here are some of the best ones:

Geographical differences

japanese girl playing flute

Thailand’s music reflects its geographic position at the intersection of Japan and India. The two most popular styles of traditional Thai music are luk thung and mor lam. Pop music and other forms of modern Asian, European and American music have become influential.

Here are a few cultural variations in massage songs.

Thailand Music 

Thailand’s classical music is associated with stylized court ensembles and repertoires that originated 800 years ago. The three major classical Ensembles are Piphat, Khrueang Sai, and Mahori. Both of them use small ching hand cymbals and krap wooden sticks to mark the primary beat reference. Thai classical music has had a great influence on the musical styles of the nearby nations.

The Khrueang Sai Ensemble incorporates some of the piphate’s wind instruments percussion with an extended string section. The orchestra is often used for instrumental indoor concerts and for accompanying the Thai hoon grabok (stick-puppet theater)

The third main Thai classical ensemble is the Mahori, traditionally performed by women in the courts of Central Thailand and Cambodia. Although Thai classical music was somewhat discouraged from being unmodern and backward-looking under Thailand’s aggressively authoritarian mid-20th-century modernization policies, classical arts have recently earned from expanded government support.

India Music

malayalem music

Carnatic and Hindustani are two major traditions of Indian classical music. Carnatic music is played mostly in the mainland (southern) regions of India.

The basic concepts of this music include Shruti (microtones), Swaras (notes), Alankar (ornamentations), Raga (melodies improvised from simple languages), and Tala (rhythmic patterns used in harmonies) whose tonal system divides the octave into 22 segments called Shrutis. Each section is approximately equivalent to a quarter of the overall tone of Western music.

Japan Music

J-pop is a poorly established musical phenomenon that became part of Japan’s musical culture in the 1990s. It’s rooted in pop and rock culture in the 1960s, including The Beatles. It was further characterized by Japanese new wave bands along with Southern All-Stars in the late 1970s.

Japanese idol musical stars are an integral part of the music market. Female groups and boys’ bands routinely dominate the singles chart. Even more groups of idols have appeared since the end of the 2010s.

Best music to play during massage

Musical musicians and records to complement yoga, therapy, and daily resting are best to play during massages.

Here is the Best Top 10 massage songs:

Meditation Music InternationalMassage & Nature Serenity RunawaysSeptember 30, 2015
Meditation Music InternationalAromatherapy with Soothing Music Scents of SpaSeptember 30, 2015
Meditation Music InternationalMeditation Music Musique Japonaise EnsembleSeptember 30, 2015
Meditation Music InternationalSpa Contemplation Weekend WavesSeptember 30, 2015
Meditation Music InternationalLight on the Ocean Meditasyon EnstrümentalSeptember 30, 2015
Meditation Music InternationalFlute Meditation – Instrumental Music & Sounds of Nature Meditasyon EnstrümentalSeptember 30, 2015
Meditation Music InternationalOriental Japanese Traditional Music with Koto Musique Japonaise EnsembleSeptember 30, 2015
RehegooMother Nature – Voice Bells & Tibetan Bowls, Stream, BirdsApril 28, 2016
RehegooWellness Spa, Early Morning FrogsApril 28, 2016
Natural Living 10Accidentally in Love (Love Music for Peace)January 13, 2016
Natural Living 10Birds Singing in Harmony (Forest Sounds for Relaxation)January 13, 2016


Music therapy uses various aspects of sound to enhance your mental and physical well-being.

If it operates depends on the process used. Many of the music therapy sessions was experienced one-on-one by a professionally qualified therapist. 

Session may include sitting or sleeping while listening to music or noises from a speaker or instrument, or having vibrations added using a special tool, such as a second harmonic.

Depending on the process, you may be prompted to engage by singing, dancing, or even playing a musical instrument, or you may have to remain still to let the sounds remain in effect.


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