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Best Meditation Music On YouTube To Listen To Now

Music can help you to get into the moment so that you focus better during meditation.

Although you might worry that listening to music when you meditate will be distracting, it can actually enhance the experience, such as by boosting your mood and relaxing your breathing. 

What, exactly, is meditation music?

While there are no rules for music to listen to when you meditate, it will help you to listen to music that you like, has a slow tempo, and which doesn’t have lyrics which can be distracting.

If you’re not sure what meditation music to choose, don’t worry. We’ve got the best meditation music on YouTube that you can start listening to right now. 

8 Best Meditation Music On YouTube

Nature Sound Retreat Lotus Flower Water Garden

This 10-minute meditation music will make you feel like you’re meditating outdoors, even if you’re stuck inside. It’s got a soothing tune, birdsong, and will inspire feelings of calm.

It’s perfect for days when you can only dedicate a short amount of time to meditating because it helps you to relax as soon as the music begins. 

YSF1 Best Meditation Music Oliver Shanti Vol. 1

This meditation music lasts for an hour and includes peaceful sounds, such as those from flutes, as well as interesting clicking and rattling sounds to titillate the senses.

It’s perfect for when you’re trying to become more in tune with your senses. The YouTube video also has amazing scenery images that will help you to relax your gaze and turn your attention within your body, such as to your breathing. 

Nature Sound Retreat Lakeside Retreat

Imagining the sound of water is healing. This Lakeside Retreat meditation music is actually not so much music as just the sound of rushing water. But, it will make you close your eyes and imagine you’re standing underneath a waterfall.

It’s only about five minutes long, so it’s great for use on days when you need to cram in a meditation session before a stressful event. If you’ve never tried to meditate to music, nature sounds are a good place to start.

OCB Relax Music Relaxing Piano Music And Water Sounds

If you love piano sounds, you’ll want to get your hands on this meditation music on YouTube. It features a blend of piano and water sounds, to help you reach a serene and happy state.

Research has found that classical music which has slower beats and harmonies helps your heart rate and breathing rate to slow down. This is conducive to helping you relax – it’s also why some people swear by listening to classical music to help them sleep.

Nature Sound Retreat Celtic Music

This six-minute meditation music features soothing and invigorating Celtic sounds. Celtic music is wonderful to listen to while you meditate.

This is because it makes use of rhythmic sounds, such as in the form of bagpipes, that stir emotions while calming you down. This is also what makes Celtic music so valuable for a variety of meditation, such as mindfulness as well as manifestation.

Nature Sound Retreat 432hz Healing Frequency Music

This eight-minute meditation music features a variety of sounds, such as musical instruments and the sound of rainstorms.

This is what makes it such powerful and inspiring music to listen to when you need to gain a deeper sense of peace and calm.

This music is also perfect for visualizations. You can imagine yourself walking outside in the rain and this can guide you to clear your mind.

Best Tibetan Singing Bowl Music

This meditation music lasts for over an hour and will fill your surroundings with the pleasing, interesting sounds of tapping Tibetan bowls.

Singing bowls have many benefits. When hit or circled with a mallet, they make vibrations and sounds that help you to relax.

Some people have stated that singing bowls help them to relieve their pain, improve their blood pressure, improve their quality of sleep, reduce their depression and anger, and improve their general sense of wellbeing.

Nature Sound Retreat Fireplace Winter Relaxing Fire Sounds

This seven-minute long calming music includes the sounds of a crackling fire so you can imagine yourself relaxing in front of a fireplace. You can even watch the visuals of the fire while listening to the music as this will benefit you.

Research has found that when we watch a fire, it lowers our blood pressure. The longer you do this, the more relaxed your body will be. Tips For Choosing The Best Meditation Music 

We’ve already touched on how it’s a good idea to choose the type of music you enjoy as that will help you during meditation, but there are some things to bear in mind before you choose meditation music to listen to. Here are some pointers.

Make sure you can access your inner silence.

The silence that you gain during meditation is very important as that enables you to be still.

It might therefore be a good idea to choose meditation music that makes use of a few sounds or instruments instead of many, and has stretches of silence in it to help you access your inner silence.

This is why it’s also important not to listen to music that has lyrics as this will make you focus too much on the lyrics instead of what’s happening inside your mind, or you might find that the lyrics keep pulling your attention away from meditating.

Stick to music with the same tempo and volume.

You don’t want the music you listen to while meditating to be distracting.

It should allow you to focus on the music instead of your thoughts, but it should also keep you calm. So, with that in mind, try to avoid music that leaps between quiet and loud volumes or that keeps changing the tempo.

You don’t have to be limited to meditation music.

Maybe the nature sounds or Tibetan singing bowls just aren’t working for you, and that’s okay. Experiment with different types of music. The key is to focus on what relaxes you and makes you feel good, as that is what will help you to feel calm and positive during the meditation. 

Is it better to listen to music with headphones during meditation?

Using headphones while meditating

Using headphones is beneficial as it helps you to feel like the music’s coming from inside your head. This will help you to focus on it better than if it’s in your surroundings. 

Can you listen to music while manifesting?

Music is a powerful way to manifest what you want because it intensifies what you feel and can boost feelings of gratitude so you’ll bring more things you’re thankful for into your life. 


While you might think that music and meditation can’t work together, they actually are a pretty good combination.

Whether you’re just starting out with meditation and need a bit of help to focus, or you’ve been meditating for a while, you can use music to enhance your meditation sessions. In this article, we’ve provided you with a variety of YouTube meditation music to check out.

We’ve also looked at some important tips you should bear in mind before trying music meditation so you can ensure that it works for you.



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