Ultimate Guide To Solfeggio Frequencies

Whether you are a seasoned listener or still relatively new to soothing sounds, you’ve probably come across the term “Solfeggio Frequencies” once or twice, or possibly even heard others talk about them.


The ancient 6-tone scale also known as “Just Intonation” is reputed for its use in the soothing Gregorian chants. Its history can be traced back to biblical times.


Solfeggio Frequencies are what makes up the ancient six tone scale or better known as the Gregorian chants.

The chants contain special tones which are said to impart spiritual blessings when sung in harmony.

Each of these tones is comprised of a needed frequency to balance your energy, thereby keeping your mind, spirit and body in perfect harmony.

An additional 3 tones have since been discovered and considered by many scientists and musicologists to have a positive effect on the body and mind.

What are the Solfeggio Frequencies?

These frequencies refer to specific tones of sound that promote and help with various aspects of body and mind health.

They are believed to date back to ancient history and seem to be the fundamental sounds used in both Eastern Indian religions as well as Western Christianity.

They were also chanted by the Gregorian monks and in ancient Indian Sanskrit chants.

Solfeggio Frequencies are basically a particular set of frequencies when tuned correctly, they have an incredible effect on the body.

These frequencies are nothing new and anyone who has taken music lessons understands the basic Solfeggio.

These frequencies are said to significantly affect the subconscious and conscious mind in order to stimulate healing and also improve vitality.

Scientists have since discovered more evidence supporting the positive effects that these frequencies have on the human body and mind.

The frequencies are important because lots of people argue that we lost more than a simple music scale when the Solfeggio Frequencies were replaced.

Additionally, the modern 12-tone scale is believed to suppress emotions, limit consciousness as well as stiffen intuition.

Ultimately, what this all means is that it is believed to be out of sync with the natural world and therefore can manifest in physical symptoms such as pain and disease.

Solfeggio Frequencies, on the other hand, are believed to be mathematically consistent with the patterns of the universe and have been proven to have significant healing abilities.

History behind Solfeggio Frequencies

Musical Notes Book

Solfeggio Frequencies originated way back in the 11th century when a Benedictine monk named Guido d’Arezzo created the music scale that we now know as Solfeggio Frequencies.

The original six-scale tones were used in Gregorian chants. Unfortunately, it is believed that by the 16th century the scale was lost, however, the exact cause is unknown.

As mentioned earlier, the use of these frequencies dates back to Eastern Indian religion, Western Christianity as well as ancient Indian Sanskrit chants.

Many people are of the opinion that Solfeggio Frequencies were forgotten due to them being replaced by the more modern 12-tone equal temperament tuning system, the most common tuning system used in music since the 18th century.

Others believe that there is a real possibility that the scale was in fact lost in Western Europe’s Middle Ages.

So it is not entirely impossible that the Solfeggio Frequencies were in fact lost in history like many other documents during that time.

The 9 Solfeggio Frequencies

174 Hz Healing Solfeggio Frequency – Pain Relief, Healing & Removing Stress

This frequency is believed to act as a natural anaesthetic. The lowest of the tones, it also tends to eliminate pain and provides you with a boost of natural energy as well as karmic energy.

The 174 Hz frequency also makes your organs feel secure, safe and loved motivating them to do their best. So ultimately, they are believed to have great healing abilities, especially for the body.

285 Hz Healing Solfeggio Frequency – Heal Tissues & Organs

When it comes to treating cuts, burns, wounds or any other form of damaged tissue, the 285 Hz frequency works wonders.

It is said to be connected to your body’s mind and your soul’s blueprint to provide maximum health and physical well-being.

This is credited to its ability to remember what should be and therefore return cells to its original state. It also has an influence on energy fields sending them a message to restructure damaged organs.

This frequency is all about remembering and healing internal organs as well as your energy.

396 Hz Healing Solfeggio Frequency – Eliminate Fear & Guilt

This Solfeggio frequency helps to eliminate the feelings of guilt.

It is this feeling which often represents one of the basic obstacles to realization and if you are overwhelmed with feelings of guilt, it is highly unlikely that you will achieve your goals.

So the 396 Hz frequency releases you from the feelings of guilt and fear by bringing down the defence mechanisms.

This frequency can also be used as a means of awakening, grounding, sobering as well as returning to reality.

417 Hz Healing Solfeggio Frequency – Release Negativity & Facilitate Change

This tone is connected with the processes of amplification or resonation processes.

It is believed that this tone can delete a person’s alienation from God and allow them to return to the right path.

Ultimately the frequency cleanses traumatic experiences and clears destructive influences created from past events.

It’s also useful when it comes to cleaning the limiting impression which disables the person from achieving their life goals.

The tone also encourages DNA and cells to function in an optimal way. The 417 Hz frequency provides energy to your body, and cells and allows them to use their creative potentials.

528 Hz Healing Solfeggio Frequency – Clarity, Peace & Repairs DNA

The 528 Hz frequency is used to repair human DNA to its perfect and original state.

This frequency has often been a cause for debate between believers and unbelievers.

This is because it is described in Webster’s dictionary that if it is used in a way, the wanted effect and with energy support from the light, it is also believed that miracles will happen.

The process of DNA reparation is combined with benefits of increased energy for life, awareness, clarity of mind, activated or awakened creativity, dance and celebration as well as ecstatic states like deep inner peace.

So basically what this all means is that it opens us up to deep spiritual experiences and further spiritual enlightenment.

639 Hz Healing Solfeggio Frequency – Attract Love, Heal Relationships & Raise Positive Energy

When it comes to creating a harmonious community as well as harmonious interpersonal relationships, this is the frequency that you want.

It’s been used in dealing with relationship problems, family problems, disagreements between friends and other social problems.

The frequency can be used to encourage the cell to communicate better with its environment.

This ancient frequency enhances understanding, communication, love and tolerance. It’s also useful in communication with parallel worlds and spiritual spheres.

741 Hz Healing Solfeggio Frequency – Dextoxify Cells & Cleanse Aura

If you are leaning towards a happy and healthy life, then the 741 Hz frequency will help you achieve just that.

It is believed to clean the cells from toxins and also bring changes in your diet towards food that is not poisoned by various types of toxins.

It also eliminates various electromagnetic radiation from your cells and as a bonus, it’s also believed to prevent infections whether it is bacterial, viral or fungal.

Ultimately, this tone leads you to a purer, more stable and spiritual life.

852 Hz Healing Solfeggio Frequency – Awaken Intuition, Harmony & Spiritual OrdeR

The 852 Hz frequency is connected to the third eye chakra and may be used for self-realization and awakening inner strength.

This frequency is believed to be great for dissolving stagnate mentally and keeping you from overthinking.

So ultimately, it clears up blockages that can hinder clear and effective communication with your higher self, spirit helpers as well as spirit guides.

This Solfeggio frequency can be played as a clean or background sound to other audio.

963 Hz Healing Solfeggio Frequency – Connect to Higher Self

This tone is effective when it comes to awakening any system to its original and untouched state.

This frequency is connected with the light and all-embracing spirit that allows you to have a direct and experience and return to oneness.

This tone reconnects you with the spirit or non-vibrational energies of the spiritual world. Ultimately, it allows you to become one with your nature.

How to operate solfeggio frequencies?

Deep Mind Illustration

Step 1

In order to operate Solfeggio frequencies and experience the many benefits it has to offer, you need to start by moving to a quiet place away from any form of noise or distraction.

This should be a silent place where you feel most at ease and free to express who you are.

This could be any space where you feel comfortable such as your bedroom, backyard, closet or even an open field.

In the event that you have a hectic life, eliminating distractions can prove to be a challenge, however, try your best.

Step 2

Next, the space that you choose should be comfy enough for you to sit down or lie down. So you should find a nice space on the floor, bed or couch.

Lay down in a position that you are most comfortable with. Most people find that the Lotus position works best with meditating.

However, it’s not a necessary sitting posture and you can feel free to lie down if you want.

Step 3

Next, select a suitable track that you’re going, to begin with. Solfeggio frequencies don’t have a particular order that must be followed.

So you can start with the last frequency or the first one. Add your frequencies to a playlist and allow it to play through.

Ensure that your favorite frequencies are on repeat and you can set the playlist to reshuffle for a random selection.

Step 4

Woman Relaxing With Music

Next, the volume that you choose should be comfortable for you. These frequencies or sounds are enjoyed on low volume as it is meant for relaxation.

However, each person may have different preferences but it’s still okay to experiment so that you get the appropriate volume which ultimately works best for you.

Step 5

When listening to these frequencies, try to relax yourself. Healing music is ideal for meditation when trying to maintain focus or staying relaxed.

So you could also listen to these frequencies while reading or working on your computer.

The frequencies are suitable for any time of the day including while you are asleep.

However, when performing tasks that require your full attention, listening to these frequencies should be avoided.

Step 6

There is, unfortunately, no pre-set or magical time for listening to the healing frequencies so you can continue listening to the sounds as long as you want.

Some people choose to listen to them for an entire day while others choose to invest just a few hours or even minutes.

You don’t even have to listen to it on a regular basis. The benefits will, however, be noticed after a few months.

More on Solfeggio frequencies

Young Shaolin Boy Meditating

It has been understood by humans for centuries that sound has a profound effect on the human mind and body.

Therefore human beings have been pushing the boundaries of how sounds and frequencies can be measured.

Solfeggio frequencies are used to manipulate human brain waves in promoting healing of the body and mind.

Sound frequencies have in fact been used to treat several different kinds of ailments such as anxiety, insomnia, depression and various disorders of the nervous system.

These acoustic therapies are becoming even more popular as a means to promote self-healing within the body.

For hundreds of years, scientists have been aware of and conscious of the effects of sound on the human body.

Likewise, holistic healers also recognized that it’s different frequencies of sound that have the ability to manipulate human consciousness and even induce an altered state of consciousness.

The association between sound and healing was promoted through the Monastery of the Catholic Church.

However, this is believed to go back much deeper.

Mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras was convinced of the spiritual significance of this mathematical pattern and it spilt over into Christian traditions where the Solfeggio frequencies were given the religious significance and therefore played a large role in the development of spiritual music for centuries.

The best frequency for the human body

It is believed that a normal and healthy body resonates with the natural frequency of 65-75M Hz.

While it might be a bit unrealistic to think about it, this means humans generate electromagnetic noise.

However, when exposed to higher frequencies like those found in frequency healing, the body is stimulated to heal itself.

Alternatively, if the human body is exposed to constant low-frequency noises it can develop negative results.

How can sound healing therapy improve your health?

Woman On Sound Healing Therapy

Incorporating sound healing techniques into your daily self-care routine drastically improves your quality of life.

Here are some ways that you could benefit from sound healing:

  • Stress reduction: Listening to higher frequency audiotapes give the listener peace and decreases feelings of built-up stress and frustration. Reducing stress associated with sound healing is magnified when used in conjunction with meditation and other mindfulness practices.
  • Pain reduction: Actively listening to music decreases your perception of pain. Sound healing therapies can also lower a patients dependence painkillers and other types of medication for the reduction of pain. Some frequencies can also actively combat pain and promote the healing of injuries.
  • Spiritual development: Lots of frequencies are affiliated with enlightenment and the activation of parts of the brain that are associated with spirituality. These frequencies can be used together or in conjunction with other rituals that help to develop a deeper overall spiritual state.
  • Emotional catharsis: Strong emotional responses are stimulated when listening to powerful music as a form of sound therapy. This creates positive changes in body chemistry and for people who have a difficult time tapping into the emotional reservoirs, sound therapy is one of the best ways to remove these emotional blockages.
  • Healthy relationships: There are some frequencies specifically designed to promote feelings of well-being” and goodwill towards others. This makes them effective for those feeling frustrated with other people or emotionally withdrawn.
  • Better quality of sleep: Lots of different forms of sounds are used for people trying to get a good nights’ sleep. This is especially if you live in environments that contain a lot of noise. Ultimately, this creates auditory distress. High-frequency white noise provides a soothing background and blocks low-frequency noises out and therefore promotes a better quality of sleep or deeper sleep.
  • Spiritual awareness: The act of sound therapy makes a listener more aware of their spiritual well-being and promotes the adoption of spiritual practices. Ultimately, this leads to an overall increase in happiness and spiritual awareness.
  • No more headaches: For those suffering from chronic headaches, sound therapy has been shown to alleviate the symptoms of these headaches. You will also have better control over pain management in response to a migraine, so you’ll experience fewer headaches within the month.

The science behind Solfeggio Frequencies

Active Human Nerve Cells

Solfeggio frequencies are believed to help promote various aspects of mind and body health.

The benefits of these frequencies date back to ancient history and are said to be the fundamental sounds used in both Western and Eastern cultures.

In 1988, biochemist Dr Glen Rein discovered and confirmed what the ancient spiritual traditions were professing and that was the impact of different types of music on human DNA.

So the scientific community began to connect the dots with the type of music played and its effects on the human body.

So basically different DNA vials were exposed to four types of music being Gregorian chants, Sanskrit chants, Classical and Rock music.

It was revealed that Gregorian and Sanskrit chants had the most positive healing effects by increasing UV light absorption between 5 to 9%.

Classical music increased UV absorption by small amounts while rock music decreased UV light absorption harming the DNA.

So ultimately, it was concluded that different sounds and frequencies can produce serious effects on the mind and body, whether good or bad.

Since the discovery made by Rein, additional research has come to light that shows how Solfeggio frequencies profoundly affect mental, emotional and physical aspects of the mind and body.

This understanding is also related to music therapy becoming more established as a health profession and helping individuals using various aspects of music creation and listening.


Solfeggio frequencies will ensure you achieve a natural balance in life as well as deep healing.

These frequencies align your body with the rhythms and tones that form the universe basis.

Ultimately, vibrations form part of life and these frequencies can be chanted during meditation as they penetrate deep into both the conscious and subconscious mind to promote a happier and healthier life.


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