The Complete Guide to Music for Work

The Complete Guide to Music for Work

In today’s fast-paced, competitive world, productivity and time management is more important than ever. Lack of efficiency and motivation can lead to missed deadlines or having to work well into the late hours of the night.

This will create a mounting pile of work and stress, not to mention no time for your family, friends, and hobbies.

Music is a great tool to improve productivity at work. Many people listen to different types of music to help them finish their tasks while staying in a good mood throughout the day.

Not convinced? We will tell you in detail about how music affects productivity.

We also know that finding the right work music can be a challenge, as there are so many options out there. If you need help with this, we have also rounded up the five best types of work music to boost your productivity.

Whether it’s Mozart that makes you tick or the simple, beautiful sounds of nature, we have something for everyone.

Let’s get to it!

Can Music Boost Productivity?

Can Music Boost Productivity?

Decades of research have shown that music can improve productivity, cognitive performance, focus, and creative thinking. It can also eliminate mental blockages and reduce anxiety and stress.

A common reason for low productivity and focus at work is that our mind is bogged down by stress and other distractions. Music masks background noises open the creative pathways of the mind and boost concentration.

Studies have also shown that listening to music boosts performance on repetitive tasks. It improves speed and accuracy even for monotonous work.

5 Types of Music That Improve Productivity

Here are the five types of work music that you can listen to for enhanced productivity and concentration:

#1 Classical Music

#1 Classical Music

Research suggests that listening to classical music can help the brain absorb and process new information. It separates the information it receives from the environment into smaller chunks for better understanding and retention.

It engages the areas of the brain in charge of paying attention, predicting events, and storing events in your memory.

This is why classical music can help you complete tasks that require high levels of comprehension, logical reasoning, and information retention.

Classical music can also improve mood and alleviate stress, which aids in enhancing productivity and focus.

This 10-minute Mozart for Babies with Gentle Lapping Waves music video can help you reap the benefits of classical music for work. It is loopable, so you can keep it playing in the background for deep focus work.

#2 Meditation Music

Meditation music relaxes the mind and body and relieves stress and mental clutter. This can help improve concentration and productivity in the workplace.

If you wish to listen to meditation music while you work, check out this Celtic Meditation Music video. You can enjoy relaxing sounds that promote calm and mindfulness, which can, in turn, improve attention span and efficiency.

You can also listen to this Celtic Music: Meditative Music for Stress Relief video. This 4-hour meditation music video will help you enter a blissful, serene state and clear mental chatter for increased efficiency and focus.

#3 Instrumental Music

For many people, the best work music doesn’t contain lyrics that can distract them from what they are doing. Instrumental music is known to boost attention, performance, and productivity.

Instrumental music does not contain words or vocals that can jar your concentration and interrupt your workflow.

Slow, instrumental music can calm the mind and relieve anxiety and stress, which further enhances productivity and performance.

This 10-minute Piano Music video is an excellent choice for instrumental music to play at work. It can be played on a loop, which means you do not need to press play, again and again, to play it on repeat. This will help you focus on your work and boost your productivity.

Another option is this 432Hz Earthy Magical Celtic Music – Relaxing Instrumentals video. Its slow tempo and 432 Hz frequency can reduce anxiety and calm the mind and body.

The more relaxed you are, the better you will be able to deal with work stress instead of reacting with a fight or flight response.

This Instrumental Celtic Music 432Hz video and Romantic Celtic Instrumental Music video are also great for easing stress and anxiety and improving focus.

#4 Nature Sounds

#4 Nature Sounds

Research has shown that nature sounds can mask disturbing noises in the background that can hamper productivity. These sounds can also improve cognitive function, boost concentration, and enhance worker satisfaction.

When workers are happy and focused on their tasks, they are able to work much more efficiently.

Moreover, ambient nature sounds reduce muscle tension, pulse rate, and stress levels. As mentioned earlier, a focused and relaxed mind will perform better and handle work stress more gracefully.

This 1 Hour Relaxing Rain Sounds video features the soothing sounds of falling rain. This simple ambient music promotes tranquility and concentration to help you focus at work and ignore any distractions.

If you’d like a longer music video to play in the background while you work, check out this eight-hour Forest Rain Sounds video. You can enjoy the seemingly endless sound of rainfall in a deep forest to reduce stress and improve productivity.

If you prefer the sounds of birds chirping and twittering, this Morning Songbirds video is the perfect choice to transport you to a calm meadow as the sun rises and the world wakes.

This Magical Forest Music video also contains the lovely sounds of birdsong along with soothing background music to induce peaceful and positive feelings that will make the workday fly by.

#5 Brown Noise

Brown noise is composed of deep, strong sounds at a low frequency. It is incredibly helpful for drowning out distracting background noises. It can also help you relax and improve your concentration, performance, and efficiency at work.

Brown noise typically refers to sounds like the crashing of ocean waves and the roar of strong winds or river currents.

Do you need a good sound clip featuring brown noise for work? This Brown Noise video is a wonderful option. It is nearly nine hours long, so you can keep it on the background all day long and maintain utter focus.

What Happens to Your Brain When You Listen To Stimulating Music?

What Happens to Your Brain When You Listen To Stimulating Music?

Music acts as a stimulus for the brain and influences brainwaves to resonate in tandem with its rhythm.

Listening to relaxing music with slow beats activates the slow brainwaves and induces a meditative state, as per researchers at Stanford University. In contrast, music with fast-paced beats increases alertness and sharpness.

Music can thus have a significant impact on brain activity and speed up or slow down brain function. The Stanford University researchers also found that music can enhance the blood flow to the brain and improve cognitive function.

There is no denying that music is a powerful tool to improve brain health and efficiently tackle cognitive tasks.

How To Listen to Music for Productivity

How To Listen to Music for Productivity

Simply playing a track designed for productivity will not help you make the most of its benefits. There are certain factors that you need to keep in mind while listening to work music.

Here are things you should remember:

Choose the Type of Work Music Based on Your Tasks

If your work involves creative thinking or requires high levels of concentration and problem-solving skills, listening to upbeat, fast-paced, and complex music is a big no-no. This type of music distracts people from work that requires deep concentration.

Instead, listen to slow-paced, simple, relaxing music that enhances creativity and focus.

In contrast, if you are working on tedious, repetitive tasks like data entry, it’s best to listen to happy and upbeat tracks to keep your mind engaged.

This kind of music can enhance motivation and attention and increase your speed, productivity, and accuracy.

Turn Down the Volume

Selecting the right work music is important, but so is how you listen to it. This study published by Oxford University Press showed that while high noise levels are great for abstract thinking, they can hamper the brain’s ability to process information.

Moderate noise levels improve creative thinking. So when you play your tracks while you work, make sure to maintain moderate volume to enjoy its productivity benefits without distraction.

Avoid Familiar Vocal Music

While your favorite pop songs can make you feel happy and engaged, they may hamper your overall productivity.

Research has shown that listening to familiar vocal music can be a big distraction and may decrease productivity and impede your performance.

It’s best to listen to music that you don’t care about or that you don’t know at all.

Or even better, listen to instrumental or classical music, nature sounds, or the other types of lyric-less music mentioned above to help you improve your productivity and focus.


Choosing the right tunes for work can help you get into the flow and tackle the day’s tasks efficiently. This will free up the rest of your day and give you more time for your personal and social life.

Check out the music videos we suggested, and you may be surprised by how your work performance will shoot up!

You can also listen to soft electronic music, upbeat jazz music, video game music, or intense cinematic music scores such as Inception or The Bourne Identity to help you focus and improve productivity.

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide on work music and found it helpful. If you wish to read more such articles on music, browse our website for more fantastic listening recommendations.



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