Ideas To Make Your Perfect Zen Meditation Room

Ideas To Make Your Perfect Zen Meditation Room

Meditation comes in many forms, and whether you’re a parent just trying to get some peace and quiet in a private place or you need somewhere to practice your daily meditation, it’s something that all of us need.

One area that seems to be lacking though is the space to do it, but it’s surprisingly easy to change.

Having a dedicated meditation or zen room in your home is the key to your mental wellbeing, and it stops you from making excuses about not making time for yourself.

According to a recent survey, 87% of Americans think that having a space like this to call their own has the potential to make them a better person, so there’s no reason not to make one for yourself.

What should be in a zen meditation room and what can they be used for?

Your meditation room should be free of clutter but have a few basics like a blanket, pillow, and speaker system. In this room, you’ll be able to meditate, have quiet time alone, practice yoga, read books, or do anything else that’s quiet and calming.

Even homes with a small amount of space still can get their own zen room, and we’re going to show you how.

We’ll walk you through the best zen meditation room ideas, the essentials you need, and how to put them all together, giving yourself the best gift possible.

The Most Important Aspects Of A Meditation Room

One of the biggest misconceptions about spaces like meditation rooms or zen areas is that they have to be visually appealing.

While you do have to like the look of the room you’re in, your main focus shouldn’t be all about trendy lounges and the latest speaker setups, but just the bare necessities.

The most important thing in these spaces is making something that feels calming and like your own.

Once you’re able to create a space that makes you feel instantly better when you step into it, most of the hard work will be done, and you’ll have a much better meditation or yoga practice when you’re there.

Start with a bare room and take out anything that’s not considered essential, then build slowly from there.

Avoid too much clutter and don’t have anything in there that takes away from the calming feeling.

If there are too many things for your eyes to wander to, then your mind will follow, and you’ll lose the purpose of the zen space altogether.

Within this room, you’ll spend most of your time relaxing or meditating, so having a space dedicated to that is the most important thing.

How you decorate it and what other accessories you have will be up to you, but there are some things you can do to ensure it has a calm flow and energy about it.

Organizing A Zen Meditation Room

A zen meditation room doesn’t have to follow a set pattern to be correct, but there are some things you’ll want to check off when you’re deciding on a layout.

Make sure you have these things ticked off when you’re organizing the space:


Lighting is crucial to mood, and when you’re in your meditation room, you’ll need the mood to be perfect to calm you.

Choose a lighting option that can be adjusted as needed, because you might want a lot of light when you’re reading or setting up the room, but will also want to dim or turn it off when you’re meditating.

If you can’t install a dimmable light, having an extra lamp is a cheaper option.


Woman Painting Room Wall

Colors that are calming are the best choice for a zen room as the purpose here is to relax.

Neutral tones and whites, grays, and beiges are all ideal, as is choosing a non-toxic paint that’s not going to emit anything nasty when you’re in your special space.


Although it might sound obvious, you’ll want to make sure the space you’re using has enough room for you in it.

This could mean having just enough room for an altar or somewhere to lay, or a more expansive setup if you can allow for it.

Try not to have too much clutter otherwise the room won’t feel relaxing, and will keep you distracted from your practice.


There’s nothing more calming than a plant, so make sure you incorporate greenery into your zen room.

Not only can it add a natural element that’s beautiful and serene to look at, but it filters the air to make the space cleaner.

Choose an indoor plant that can survive with minimal sunlight, depending on the conditions.


When you’re choosing furniture, accessories, and tools for your meditation room, opt for natural materials wherever you can.

This includes crystals, glass, wood, and anything else that has a natural or raw feeling to it, while purposely avoiding electronics and similar items.


Make the pillow or area where you plan to sit and meditate the focal point of the room.

If you choose to make an altar, this should be off to the side and not distracting in any way.

For those trying to create a space in an already existing room of the house, make a clearly defined boundary that will be your own.

Must Have Items For Your Space

Must Have Items For Meditation Room

Each of us meditates differently and what’s relaxing and calming to one person might not be to another.

Therefore, it’s hard to have a definitive list that one must follow when trying to create a zen meditation room.

However, these are some good starters that you might consider adding to your room:


A pillow can be useful in meditation and yoga, and it doesn’t have to be one made specifically for these practices.

You’ll probably find that the conditions are so calm in your zen room that you like to have a nap now and then, so a pillow will come in handy.


A blanket is good for two purposes: keeping you warm and rolling up to place under your head, legs, back, and anywhere else you need some support.

The softer and comfier the better when you’re in your zen room.

Eye pillow

An eye pillow can help block out the light and keep your eyes closed during meditation, which can be harder than it seems for some people.

These might be scented with an essential oil like lavender, or can be unscented.

Portable speaker

A small, portable speaker with Bluetooth connectivity is good for music, chants, guided meditations, and anything else you want to listen to while you’re in your zen room.

Singing bowl

Singing Bowl

If you’ve never experienced sound meditation without a singing bowl before, you’ll want to make sure you add one to your zen room.

Singing bowls and similar accessories can restore the frequencies and natural harmony of the body and are a great addition to your usual meditation practice.

Yoga tools

Depending on your practice, you might want to include some of your favorite yoga accessories into this space.

These include bolsters, straps, blocks, and a mat, or anything else you need to practice.


An altar is commonly found in shared spaces like meditation rooms and yoga classes, and it’s a must-have for your zen room.

You can set up one easily using a few items placed carefully on a small rectangular table kept to the side of the room.

These devotional items can include candles, essential oils, burners, crystal, and even pictures of people with spiritual or emotional importance to you.

Making some space in your home for a mediation zen room is a great idea, no matter what type of meditation or relaxation practices you use.

If you’ve been considering creating a space like this for yourself but don’t know where to begin, we’ve answered some FAQs that can give you a push in the right direction.

Does Sound Therapy Work?

Using music as a form of therapy is a great way to heal, reduce stress, and feel calm, and the types of music that people respond to will differ depending on the individual.

For meditation, there are lots of great options for relaxing sounds including chants, white noise, and singing bowls, and you can put any of these to use in your zen space.

How Do I Make My Bedroom Tranquil?

If you’re hoping to transform your bedroom into a more tranquil space, you can use the same techniques you would when creating a zen meditation room.

Remove the clutter, have dimmable lighting, employ raw materials for furniture and accessories, and opt for lighter colors that promote calm.


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