Christmas Sounds And Music for Relaxing Holidays

Christmas Sounds And Music for Relaxing Holidays

There’s something special about the Christmas season. It’s a time of love, joy, gifts, delicious food, and spirited music, of course. In fact, music is proven to have healing and therapeutic powers, not to mention that it’s an instant mood changer. 

If you’re looking for relaxing sounds and uplifting holiday music to play while cooking Christmas dinner for your family or while exchanging gifts, we’ve compiled a little playlist for you.

Among the songs, you’ll find various types of sounds for the holidays, including cozy music, Celtic music, Hawaiian Christmas songs, and more. Go through our picks below and have a beautiful Christmas! 

Christmas Sounds for Relaxing Holidays [A Playlist]

Below are our top picks for sounds you can play during the Christmas season. We’ve picked various sounds for different occasions and moods. Ultimately, all are guaranteed to bring a fantastic Christmas time. 

1. Fireplace Sounds for Christmas

1. Fireplace Sounds for Christmas

Fireplace sounds stimulate calmness, reduce tension, and can significantly improve your mood. At Christmas time, a lot of time is spent around the fireplace, so this playlist is perfect for the festive season.

When you listen to Fireplace Sounds for Christmas, you’ll be able to sleep better, stay focused, study without distraction, and reason better.

It’s one thing to be soothed by the warmth of a fire; it’s another thing altogether to play lovely songs that go with the ambiance.

As you get ready for the new year, spend this Christmas season unwinding to Fireplace Sounds. The soothing effect this playlist has is something that you’ll cherish for a long time.

If you’ve never listened to Fireplace Sounds, the playlist is on YouTube, and you can try it out here: Fireplace Sounds for Christmas

2. Gregorian Chant

A Gregorian chant is a form of monophonic sacred Latin song, unique to the Roman Catholic Church. The chant was named in honor of Pope Gregory and was developed in western and central Europe.

They are liturgical songs used to accompany the text of a mass and the canonical hours in the Catholic church.

There is a reason we are linking these chants to Christmas! Listening to them can have a positive effect on everyone’s mood and improve the atmosphere for Christmas. They are also known to have lots of medical benefits. 

According to medical research, chants are known to lower blood pressure and help reduce anxiety and depression. Gregorian chants have a positive impact on the nerves and also keep the body in a balanced state.

Listening to this sound can have a positive effect on the mood and improve the atmosphere for Christmas.

Although these Gregorian chants were initially strictly meant for worship in the Catholic church during medieval times, they are now popular as healing music.

During the Middle Ages, the songs were used to create deep experiences of balance and tranquility, a practice that has continued. 

During the Christmas season, you can use the soothing vibes of Gregorian chants to relax your body and mind. And if you’re not familiar with the Catholic church and want to experience it, the Christmas season is an ideal time to try it out.

To access Gregorian and enjoy tranquility and peace this Christmas, go to Gregorian chants for Christmas.

3. Christmas Cozy

3. Christmas Cozy

Christmas Cozy is a compilation of soft Christmas piano music that will get you in the mood for love and fun this Christmas.

Christmas Cozy has all the Christmas classics and favorites for all ages. This compilation will be a welcome addition this Christmas, regardless of where you spend your holidays.

As the music includes only a piano, it has a soothing effect on the ears. As it plays, it provides such a soothing melody. Some of the songs you’ll find on Christmas Cozy include classics like Jingle Bells and We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Check out the other songs here, Christmas Cozy soft piano music

4. Celtic Music for Christmas

Just like Christmas Cozy, Celtic Music for Christmas is also instrumental music that contains many festive Christmas songs.

It includes an exciting collection of some very popular Christmas tunes that are sure to get you in the holiday mood. This album contains 22 songs in total. 

With songs such as Celtic Christmas, What child is this? Carols of the bells, Christmas canon, The Seven joys of Mary, God rest ye merry Gentlemen, Deck the halls, and Ding dong merrily on high, this timeless collection is something you want to look out for.

One of the tracks, Celtic Christmas meditation, is also helpful for those who need to create an atmosphere for meditation during the holidays. Get this lovely Christmas season companion here: Celtic Music for Christmas

 5. Christmas Meditation

If you want relaxing Christmas instrumental music that can calm your mind, go for Christmas Meditation. This compilation contains most of the classics and some less well-known ones.

But all the songs are designed to keep you in the mood to meditate and enjoy your holidays.

Some of the songs you’ll find relaxing in this collection include We wish you a merry Christmas, Winter meditation, Carols of the Bells, Angels we have heard on high, Joy to the world, O Little towns of Bethlehem, and It Came Upon the Midnight clear.

Don’t forget to look for classics like Silent Night and the First Noel. This collection is set to lighten your world and fill your home with the pleasures of the season.

To get this tremendous inspirational Christmas music, go to Christmas meditation.

6. Hawaiian Christmas

You must have heard the Hawaiian phrase “Mele Kalikimaka”, which means “Merry Christmas”! Well, you can now have a whole music album.

Mele Kalikimaka is a Hawaiian-themed Christmas song, written in 1949 by R. Alex Anderson. Since then, it has been recorded multiple times and has been covered by numerous artists.

This particular album is designed to evoke the Hawaiian Christmas feel and contains Mele Kalikimaka and several other classics, like Jingle Bells Hawaiian Style, Silent Night, Hula Night, Joy to the World of Tiki, Carol of the Puka Shells (Bells) with Ocean Waves, Ding Dong Merrily on a High Wave with Ocean Waves, O Hula Night. All of these songs come with Ocean waves.

While Mele Kalikimaka is the most popular Hawaiian Christmas song, it is not the only one. If you’ve never experienced the mood of Hawaiian Christmas songs, use this Christmas season as the opportunity to get into it—you won’t be disappointed!

To get these Hawaiian Christmas songs, go to Hawaiian Christmas.


The Christmas season is known for great food, love, sharing, and Christmas music, of course. If you need some help with picking up this year’s Christmas playlist, you can refer to our list.

We’ve included classic choices, as well as Christmas music suitable for meditation or just cozy nights in front of the fireplace. 

So, have a joyful celebration, and, Mele Kalikimaka!