Best Meditation Pillows: Enjoy in Your Next Session

You might not think you need a meditation pillow, but it’s definitely something to invest in if you like meditation and regularly engage in it.

That said, it’s not always easy to know how to find the right meditation pillow.

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What should you look for in a meditation cushion?

An important characteristic you should look for in a meditation pillow is that it’s filled with buckwheat to ensure it remains firm and supports your body so you don’t get sore or tired during meditation or yoga class.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best meditation pillows: enjoy in your next session a much more comfortable and invigorating sense of wellbeing by sitting on these. Here are the five best pillows and their specs.

Best Overall Winner: Florensi Meditation Cushion


This trendy grey and white meditation cushion is sure to catch your eye, but it has some amazing benefits. Here’s why it makes the first spot in our list.


This Florensi cushion contains quality buckwheat hull that prevents the cushion from flattening over time

It is versatile for use in many different situations, from yoga class to your meditation session. But it doesn’t only have use as a meditation pillow -by being propped on your office chair, it can be used to make you feel more comfortable.

Versatility is another important factor to look for when purchasing a meditation cushion so that you can make even more use of the pillow, and this is especially important if you don’t use the pillow for meditation or yoga too often.

The fact that this cushion is round is important – it lets your delicate spine fall in place, keeping you comfortable for long periods of time.


Some people who’ve purchased the pillow have stated that it’s not comfortable if you’re a larger size, so it is unfortunate that a larger pillow size isn’t available for purchase. 

Extra Features

There’s an inspiring idea behind the design of this meditation cushion, which is a nice touch: the cover has a flower pattern on it that is inspired by the lotus flower, and this represents unity, compassion, growth, and connection

The cover is removable and machine-washable, so it’s easy to clean and will keep your meditation pillow hygienic. This is important if you consider that you’ll probably be using your meditation pillow on the floor.

You can add more buckwheat hulls to the cushion’s inner pouch if you want to make the pillow higher. Or, you can remove some of the hulls if you want it lower.

Buying Guide

The Florensi Meditation cushion is an attractive pillow. It’s beautiful, provides you with the perfect meditation spot on the floor, and can be used around the home.

It’s also a budget-friendly option if you’re looking for a meditation pillow.

Runner-Up: Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Cushion


This is another attractive cushion that will help you relax, thanks to its wave-like design.

It was designed by Los Angeles yoga instructor Angela Kukhahn, so you’re assured of having a meditation pillow that will treat your body with the TLC it needs.


The buckwheat that’s used in this pillow is natural and creates a firm base for the pillow. This makes it comfortable to sit on, such as when you’re sitting on the floor in yoga class, because it adjusts to your body.

The buckwheat hulls are contained by an inner liner in the cushion, which means you can refill or remove them depending on your needs.

This pillow comes with a handle so you can easily transport it wherever you need to, removing the need for a tote bag. 


Despite all its good features, one of the drawbacks of this meditative pillow is that some people who have purchased it have reported that the handle has torn or the pillow doesn’t maintain its shape for a long time.

However, that doesn’t mean such issues will affect you. Sometimes such problems are as a result of not looking after the pillow properly, so make sure you handle it with care and not treat it roughly.

Extra Features

The cover is removable and can be washed, which makes it very convenient to own.

Some people who have purchased the Crystal Cove pillow have reported that it’s so comfortable even their cats love it! You might have to purchase more for your pets. 

Buying Guide

You can purchase this meditative pillow from various Amazon sellers.

It’s quite a bit more expensive than the previous pillow on our list, but it has some nice features that could appeal to you if you’re serious about meditation, such as its focus on comfort. 

Alternative: Ajna Buckwheat Meditation Cushion


Now for something a little different. This Ajna buckwheat pillow is striking because it’s pastel pink in color!

It’s a pillow that focuses on giving you a more comfortable, user-friendly experience. Let’s take a look at its benefits.


The Ajna pillow comes with two durable layers – the first one is the cover that’s easy to remove from the inner layer, and the second layer is a cotton case that’s filled with the buckwheat stuffing. 

The buckwheat that’s used in this pillow is organic, so that’s good news for all the green warriors out there. 

The pillow also contains lavender to promote sleep and relaxation, which is an extra-special touch that we haven’t seen in many meditation pillows. It’s perfect for when you need to destress and practice some mindfulness as it’s sure to help you relax.

The manufacturers claim that the meditation pillow gives you optimal spinal alignment, so you can sit on it for longer periods of time without feeling discomfort.

Looking after your back is essential because you don’t want issues such as poor posture to give you long-term problems.


One person who purchased the product reported that the words on their tote bag were printed upside-down.

Another person reported that their tote bag was ruined after being put in the washing machine, so it’s essential to be careful with your tote.

Extra Features

This pillow comes with a stylish tote bag included with the words “Just breathe” on it.

If you’re not a fan of the pink color of the pillow, you can purchase a grey or blue one instead, and they will come with tote bags in colors to match.

The manufacturer is committed to conservation. Every purchase that’s made contributes to the planting of one tree.

Buying Guide

The Ajna meditation pillow is a budget-friendly option with a lot of perks, such as the fact that the buckwheat used in its production is organic. This pillow and tote bag are a stylish addition to your yoga outfit!

Alternative: Waterglider International Zafu Yoga Meditation Pillow


One of the biggest selling points of the Waterglider International Zafu Yoga Meditation Pillow is that it’s made with buckwheat that comes from the USA.

Here’s why that’s important, as well as its other benefits.


The buckwheat that’s used in this pillow comes from U.S. farms.

As the manufacturer states, some meditation cushions you purchase on the market are manufactured in China with buckwheat that’s used in their production originating from unregulated Chinese farms.

Therefore, by purchasing this product, you can be assured that the buckwheat comes from a local, healthy source.

Like with other meditative pillows, you can remove some of the buckwheat stuffing if the cushion feels uncomfortable.

One of the best features about this meditative cushion is that it comes with a lot of buckwheat stuffing.

The reason why, according to the manufacturer, is that by giving you more stuffing you can regulate how much you want and you can even keep the extra stuffing if you need it later.


Some users have reported that the cushion seam popped open, so that’s something to bear in mind.

Others have said that the pillow is meant for smaller-sized people because it felt uncomfortable for them. 

Extra Features

This meditation pillow comes in seven vibrant colors: blue, black, burgundy, green, orange, white, and plum.

Some people who have purchased the pillow have claimed that it’s well-made and durable, so it’s worth investing in if you want a product that will stand the test of time.

The cushion has a handle that also cleverly hides its zipper from view, which creates a more streamlined design.

Buying Guide

This meditation pillow is a budget-friendly, attractive, and useful pillow to own. You should purchase it for the fact that its buckwheat is taken from U.S. farms alone, however its other special features are also worth it. 

Alternative: Node Fitness Organic Cotton Crescent Meditation Cushion


As with any meditation cushion, what its cover is made of is just as important as what’s inside it because you’re going to be making contact with the cover all the time!

This cushion and cover by Node Fitness is a game-changer. It’s all about quality production.


The cotton cover is GOTS-certified organic cotton that has met all the necessary global certification standards during its cultivation as well as production.

GOTS-certified production limits the use of dyes, bleaches, and other chemicals during production so it’s an important certification to ensure that your meditation pillow is safe and healthy.

The cushion cover is also free of GMOs that can be present in the production of cotton. This is important because it means that your cushion is healthy for the environment.

The cushion has got an ergonomic design so that you can sit on it comfortably without feeling strain on your lower body.

As with other pillows, you can unzip the cover to adjust the filling, and the stuffing is made of natural buckwheat. 

One of the problems we’ve seen in some other meditation pillows is that they’re only comfortable for a certain body type, but this one is said to be comfortable for every shape and size.


Some people have reported that the cushion feels uncomfortable and is too high, but you can adjust its filling to make it as comfortable for you as possible.

Extra Features

This meditation pillow comes in six stunning colors: teal, black, grey, midnight blue, beige, and purple.

The cover can be washed in the washing machine.

The cushion has a handle so it’s easy to carry around.

Buying Guide

This meditation cushion is a cost-effective and valuable pillow to invest in, especially because it has some perks that are difficult to find in other meditation pillows, such as that it’s comfortable for people of all sizes and it’s free of harmful chemicals.

Meditation Pillows FAQ

Now that we’ve looked at the five best meditation pillows on the market, let’s take a look at some common questions surrounding meditation pillows.

What are meditation pillows called?


Although they might just be referred to as meditation pillows, sometimes these cushions are called zafus. A zafu can be described as a round pillow that has curved edges so that you can sit on it comfortably during meditation.

By letting your legs rest over the pillow’s edges, this makes your knees lower than your hips and makes your spine curve naturally.

As anyone who’s meditated on the floor knows, it’s not always easy to maintain that position for long because of how it puts the spine under pressure.

A meditation cushion, or zafu, therefore helps to prevent this discomfort. A zafu cushion’s height also helps in this regard. It’s usually around six inches in height.

Sometimes people make mention of a zabuton when it comes to meditation pillows but this differs from a zafu because a zabuton is a cushioned mat that is placed underneath a zafu.

A zabuton is useful because it creates a padded surface for your knees and ankles that are on the ground instead of resting on the zafu.

It’s clear to see that meditation mats and cushions are important parts of your meditation experience!

Do I need a meditation pillow?


If you’ve ever sat down to meditate and felt discomfort in your body, such as in your back, or you got a pins-and-needles sensation in your limbs, then those are clear signs that you need to be seated on something more comfortable than the floor or pillow you’re currently using.

It’s sometimes impossible to concentrate on your meditation if your body is aching or giving you other signs of discomfort, which is why a meditation pillow is so essential.

However, even if you don’t experience bodily discomfort, a meditation pillow is always a must to purchase if you meditate regularly because it enables your spine to be better aligned.

With better posture, you’ll be able to sit for longer.

When you’re seated and your spine is aligned, it means that your body is straight from your head all the way down to your back.

This healthy posture not only prevents pain and discomfort when you’re engaging in meditation and mindfulness, but it helps you to prevent long-term pain from striking, so it’s worth getting into the habit of doing it – and a meditation pillow can help you achieve it.

How to make DIY meditation cushion?

If you’re interested in DIY projects, you might be eager to make your own meditation cushion. Here’s how to do it.

What you’ll need

  • A long piece of fabric that’s about 60 inches long and about six in height. You can adjust this if you want the cushion to be smaller or larger.
  • Two circles of fabric that are about 13 inches in diameter.
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Needle and thread
  • Buckwheat hulls (you can find them at various places online)


  • Take your long piece of fabric and place it face-down on a flat surface.
  • Draw three marks along the fabric to mark where you’ll have pleats in the material. Make them evenly-spaced along the fabric.
  • Mark the places where you’ll make pleats with the use of pins.
  • Iron the fabric so that the pleats are nice and flat.
  • With the use of your needle and thread, sew along the fabric length along its top and bottom to secure your pleats.
  • Next, use pins to attach the top and bottom circles of fabric you’ve previously cut to this long piece of material, making sure the long piece of fabric overlaps a bit so that you’ll be able to stuff the pillow.
  • Now that the pillow is taking shape, you should sew all the pieces together.
  • At this point, you’re still working with your material that’s inside-out. Now’s the time to turn it around.
  • Fill the pillow with buckwheat hulls.
  • Once you’ve added enough buckwheat so that the cushion feels comfortable, you can sew up the opening.

By following the above 10 steps, you can easily make your very own meditation cushion.

Why are meditation pillows filled with buckwheat?


As can be seen in the above DIY tutorial as well as in the meditation pillows we’ve reviewed in this guide, buckwheat is a common choice of filling for the best meditation pillow. But why is this so?

Buckwheat is a popular choice for meditation cushions because it conforms to the body’s contours, thus helping to make you feel more comfortable when sitting on a meditation pillow. It’s therefore great for giving your back the support it needs.

Buckwheat stuffing in meditation pillows also ensures that the pillow is hard enough to provide stability, instead of being too fluffy or soft.

This prevents you from shifting around in your seat when you’re in the middle of meditation or yoga class.

There are other pros associated with using buckwheat, such as that it doesn’t become flat. You also don’t have to fluff up a buckwheat pillow in order to maintain its shape as you would have to do with some other cushions.

As with many of the meditation pillows filled with buckwheat that are available to purchase, such as those in our buying guide, you can adjust the amount of buckwheat stuffing according to your preferences so that it can be comfortable.

This is an important feature that can make your buckwheat pillow even more versatile while increasing its longevity.


If you love meditation, a meditation pillow is an important item to own.

But not all meditation pillows are made to be of the highest quality, which is why we’ve rounded up five of the best meditation pillows you can find on the market, looking at their benefits, extra features, drawbacks, and cost.

We’ve also looked at some important questions you might have about the best meditation cushion you can buy so that you know all there is to know about them.

One thing’s for sure: you’ll never think that meditation pillows are just decorative cushions ever again!