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Ambient Music For Your Next DnD or RPG Session

Maybe you’re the upcoming dungeon master of your weekly Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) session or have been tasked to head the next RPG (Role-playing game) night with a group of friends. What’s missing? The perfect ambient music for DnD!

It is your chance to show everyone that you can make your session more memorable by adding great ambient music to get everyone’s imagination and game feel going. In this article, we go through some of the best ambient music that can create the perfect scenarios when you’re leading the storytelling.

Why Add Ambient Music to Your Next DnD Session?

Why adding Ambiental music in RPG games

Incorporating music into your next DnD session is a great way to add an extra layer of immersion to make the game more engaging for everyone involved. 

Adding music can turn an ordinary table game into something much closer to a movie-like experience, creating a captivating atmosphere and increasing player interest in their characters and the storyline. If you’re still contemplating if you should add ambient music to your next RPG session, there are a few great reasons why you should do it.

1. Adds flair and drama to the storytelling

When running a DnD session, music can add depth and excitement to your story. When you play carefully chosen music in the background, dramatic moments become more engaging, and even small interactions between NPCs are more interesting.

A few notes of music background immerse you in the world and all its stories, so finding music for DND is undoubtedly worth the effort.

2. Can increase overall player involvement

While music may seem like its only purpose would be to set the mood, having music playing in the background can also inspire ideas in both players and dungeon masters alike. The music can contribute towards crafting a fantastic story or lead to a lively discussion about how to achieve success in their collective quest.

3. Shows your friends how an excellent Dungeon Master you are

When you successfully create a great experience for your buddies, they’ll look forward to you leading the way in determining the course of events in your storytelling. With music that sets the scene, this not only increases your reputation but also makes you look like a pro! Isn’t it obvious?

Where is Ambient Music Best used in RPG games?

When it's best to use RPG music

There are four use cases for Ambient music for your DnD night. Atmosphere, Mood, Combat, and Situational.

1. Combat

You want to use fast-paced music to create tension and excitement for combat scenes. It can be anything from a dark-sounding epic score or an intense drum section with heavy guitar riffs.

2. Mood

The key here is to match the mood of each scene well while adding some dramatic flair. For really somber moments where characters may be grieving over something that happened in their backstory, consider using more soft and mellow sounds like violin or piano solos.

3. Atmosphere

Ambient soundtracks are often great for creating an atmosphere in your game room. Whether setting up the right mood before sitting down at the table or even playing ambient tunes after you’ve completed a long session and everyone has left, ambient music can keep things exciting and engaging.

4. Situational

And finally, ambient soundtracks are also great for use in specific scenarios within your game, like when you’re in a town setting and need to match the mood of the environment around you. Again, it all depends on what kind of scene or scenario you’re trying to set up for your group and how much detail is vital to your story.

12 Ambient Tracks for your DnD Session

More than enjoying tracks for work and tracks for studying and focus, Nature Sound Retreat’s tracks are just as awesome when used as background music for some fantasy role-play. Here are some of the best tracks to help inspire your next session. These tracks are available on Youtube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

1. Transport Yourself To An Enchanted World Of Celtic Music

Kick off your journey with a fitting intro ambient music that musically transports you into another enchanted world. This sound is a regular scenario starter. Imagine a briefing session on a crystal lake under the moon in the presence of an elvish deity or even a group of travelers not knowing each other, waking up all beside a stream.

2. Celtic Flute Meditation – 432 Hz Music to Soothe the Soul

Shire-Esque vibes with this one. Picture yourselves in a countryside village where the locals are kind and welcoming, and perhaps you’re in for a treat of delicious food. This flute does well to transport you there mentally and sets up an easygoing mood that is great for relaxing or just kicking back after a long session.

3. Celtic Bodhran Drum Meditation – Rain Dance of the Druids

An unexpected encounter. Imagine the party crawling over the edge of a hill to witness some weird ritual. Druids seemingly danced around a bright crystal in the pouring rain, chanting and calling upon the elements. The drumming is steady and heart-pounding in this ambient track, perfect for capturing that sense of wonder and excitement as you continue your adventure.

4. Fairy Lights – The Most Magical Fairy Forest & Whispering Fairies

Stumble upon a forest where you can’t decide if your characters are losing their minds to the peril of the journey or if they hear whispers of the fairies. This ambient track perfectly captures the magic of a mystical forest full of surprises. 

5. Escape into Fantasy | Enchanting Celtic Music

Find a secret path through the woods with this one. As the sun sets upon a forest of tall trees, a gentle breeze stirs the leaves and creates an inviting atmosphere. The stillness of the night is broken by the faint sound of enchanting music from somewhere deep within the woods. As if guided by some invisible hand, it beckons those brave enough to follow it and discover what lies at the end of its path.

6. Spellbinding Emerald Isle | Timeless Celtic Forest Music

After a night’s rest, your wondering band of misfits can awake to the sound of a terror-filled forest at night to a beautiful innocent village at day. Walk through the woods to find a sword stuck in a stone covered in vines as a reward for making it through the night.

7. Celtic Chillout 528 Hz

This track borders on suspense. Hearts are pounding, sweat dripping down the face, and the sound of the drums beating on this one builds up to a crucial point in the story. Will they make the right choice? Or will they lose to the Dragon with the voice of Christopher Walken, right Howard? A big decision can turn the story’s tide for or against our heroes.

8. Pumpkin Forest Haunted Halloween Village 4 hours of Halloween Music & Fall Nature Sounds | 4K

Looking for that music that sets up a seemingly innocent-looking village but is hostage to a Dark Lord? Take a chance at this Pumpkin Forest track for that Haunted Village Vibe. Sounds cute with all the chirping birds thrown in with little dark undertones— the best setup for a boss battle.

9. Soothing Whispers of the CELTIC WIND with Enchanting 432Hz music for a Lifetime Memory

If you’re planning to get a little ambitious with your storytelling that may end up killing off the whole party, throw them a plot twist for a little save crystal realm. Backtrack and revive the crew to offer them to restructure how they can beat that level boss.

10. The Call of the Forest | Forest Sounds | 432Hz Celtic Music

After a nasty battle against an Orc overlord, find rest or even rejuvenation in the Call of the Forest track. This relaxing bit can help players recover after an intense encounter until they decide to ruin that rest with a lurking goblin for a plot twist.

11. The Magical 432Hz Celtic Music | Aos sí Fairies Music

This track is a significant junction to offer respite and retooling for tired travelers. No, this is not your common water nymph. The head Elder faerie grants each of your character’s one choice. A piece of armor, a weapon, or a portion of her hair. So what should you choose? It’s a no-brainer, says Gimli.

12. Celtic Fantasy Music | Magical Forest Harp and Violin Music for Relaxation

It’s almost the end of game night, and you want to feel calm and accomplished, maybe even a little pride from all the monsters you’ve slayed. You’ve come a long way, my friend. The Harp and Violin on this track feel like the credits of an RPG. One that gives you a sense of peace to bring down all your adrenaline. This one will bring tears to tired adventurers.


Adding ambient music to your next DnD session is a great way to set the mood and transport players into another world. Whether you’re looking for background music that helps create an enchanting atmosphere or tracks that can be used as scene starters, we’ve got you covered. 

With our collection of Celtic Fantasy Music, you can create unforgettable memories with your friends around the tabletop role-playing game.


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