Set of colour tuning forks for sound healing with hands and bells

Resonating Wellness: The Best Tuning Forks For Healing

Are you looking for the ideal tuning fork, tuner, or set of tuning forks to enhance your wellness and healing? At first glance, reviewing various types of tuning forks for healing and reaching the harmonic spectrum can be overwhelming, making it difficult to decide which is the best tuning fork. 

You may want to begin with a simple set, but at the same time, focus on specific ailments or weaknesses you wish to strengthen or support in your body. The healing capacity of tuning forks varies from person to person, and choosing the right type of fork for your treatment can improve or enhance the results.

Weighted and Unweighted Tuning Forks

Getting familiar with weighted and unweighted tuning forks and their distinct healing abilities is important. An unweighted tuning fork doesn’t contain any weights and offers a lighter pitch that’s best for overall healing and wellness.

On the other hand, weighted tuning forks offer a deeper and more resonating sound, which penetrates below into the body’s tissues for a more intense result that lasts longer.

Various Hz or Frequencies and Their Effects on the Body and Mind

Tuning forks are divided based on the level or frequency of sounds they produce. These are labeled by how they correspond to your body and chakras, which can bring about different effects during treatment.

For example, a base or simple tuning fork with 256 Hz is considered the beginning or onset of creation. As the frequency increases to 512 Hz, 384 Hz, and beyond, the impact of healing and treatment becomes more intense, tapping into the dream or astral space with 426.67 Hz or focusing on balance with 384 Hz, for example.

If you’re a beginner, getting familiar with the beneficial effects of various healing frequencies can help you provide treatment for a variety of conditions, ranging from mild discomfort and stress to trauma and recovery from surgery.

Following a session, especially if the results are intense, it may be helpful to enjoy soothing music or sounds to enhance the outcome of the treatment.

Three tuning forks of different sizes

Solfeggio Tuning Fork

The Solfeggio tuning fork set is ideal for increasing a sense of personal awareness and improving both spiritual and emotional well-being, which can otherwise negatively impact your work-life balance.

Tuning fork healing, using this set with Solfeggio frequencies, is focused on achieving a sense of bliss or happiness while ridding your mind and life of negative situations related to health, work, and relationships so you can take new directions, if needed, in a positive way. 

On a more intense level, these tuning forks are often used to treat deep emotional issues that can plague our judgment and create unhealthy life situations. 

Solfeggio tuning forks are based heavily on numerology, focusing on the numbers three, six, and nine, which symbolize the trinity, mastery (control in your life and pivotal decisions), and achieving completion. 

Chakra Tuning Fork

These tuning forks focus acutely on your body’s seven chakras or energy centers. During sound healing sessions, these areas are often the focal point to unblock trapped or stagnant energy while promoting health on various levels – emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual.

When a specific area, such as the root chakra, crown chakra, eye chakra,  or throat chakra, doesn’t flow properly, this can be a symptom of a greater problem or issue. During a tuning fork therapy session, these blocked areas become the main focus to address the underlying cause.

Chakra tuners can be used with one or two forks at a time to target more than one area or chakra in the body.

Treatment methods can be increasingly more effective using two chakra tuning forks, especially when a connection is created and enhanced between two or more points or chakras. You can also concentrate more deeply on one specific chakra for greater results.

Brain Tuning Fork

Brain tuners are based on brain waves and various states of consciousness, which are known as alpha, beta, theta, and delta. These tuners are made with aluminum or steel and follow the studies of EEG or electroencephalography technology to pinpoint how to treat various conditions best and improve function. 

Tuning fork in sound therapy

Fibonacci Tuning Fork

In conjunction with the studies of Dr. Beaulieu, a leading researcher in the field of sound therapy and the effects of tuning fork healing on the body, a Fibonacci tuning fork offers a great complementary therapy alongside traditional treatments for a variety of conditions, including addiction and mental health.

These tuning forks are well known for opening up the mind to greater creativity potential and consciousness, which help individuals find more opportunities for solutions beyond what they initially have, which can help them deal with various challenges in life.

Crystal Tuning Fork

Crystal tuning forks combine the power of healing with crystals and tuning forks to achieve a deep sense of relaxation, calmness, and relief from stress.

They are popular among wellness professionals and offer clean, distinct sound levels that resonate to promote positive energy within the body while removing unwanted negativity and freeing the flow of energy.

A crystal tuning fork tends to produce a longer, clearer vibration, which offers more accuracy in tuning for optimal results during sound healing therapy. You may also find that adding crystals around the room and soft background sounds where treatment takes place may improve the overall experience.


When you work with various high-quality tuning forks, you’ll find the right options for your health and well-being. While some tuning fork therapies offer an overall treatment of the entire mind and body, others focus on deeper, more intense sound healing that targets specific chakras or areas of the mind, body, and being.

It’s important to become familiar with each type of tuning fork and its unique characteristics to determine which resonating sounds or vibrations work best for your individual needs. 


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