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How to Use Healing Crystals for Anxiety

Crystals have been around for millions of years, and their unique, beneficial properties have become a significant part of healing practices for thousands of years.

Crystal healing is a popular way to treat stress, improve sleep, and relieve the symptoms of many conditions and ailments.

One of the most common treatments healing crystals are used for is the treatment of anxiety. Grounding stones and crystals help reduce anxiety, depression, worry, and panic attacks and work well with meditation or just before sleep.

How Do Crystals Relieve Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder?

Every crystal offers unique healing properties that relieve stress and calm anxious thoughts. When you become familiar with each crystal and how they work, you can combine several for your healing needs.

Crystals offer energetic properties that can increase positive vibrations, amplifying wellness and healing for specific issues.

Some specific stones and crystals work incredibly well to reduce and draw out the negative effects of anxiety. There are several ways to use crystals to gain their powerful advantages.

Crystals have been used by many cultures to improve emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. They are often incorporated as a complementary therapy alongside traditional medicine and treatments.

Healing stones are worn as jewelry, displayed on shelves or tables, and placed where they can be enjoyed for their visual appearance and essential benefits.

Cleansing and Charging Your Healing Crystals

When you purchase or receive new crystals, it’s essential to cleanse them to clear away any negative energy or any power that doesn’t belong to you, as this can interfere with their ability to heal. You can cleanse your crystals in several ways:

  • Place your healing stones or crystals in a bowl of salted water made with distilled water and sea salt. Leave the crystals in the water solution overnight, and if desired, add essential oils to enhance the cleansing effect, such as lavender, rose oil, or patchouli. Some crystals are not ideal for submerging in water, depending on how porous the stone is and how it reacts when wet.
  • Sunlight is a great way to clear your crystals. You can leave them outside for the day, though limiting their exposure is important, as some stones, such as amethyst or rose quartz, may fade if left in direct sunlight for excessive time.
  • If there is a full moon, you can leave your crystals in the moonlight to clear them completely.
  • Moon water, which is charged with energy from a full moon, can also cleanse crystals.
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Activating Your Crystals for Anxiety Relief

If you’re adding new crystals to your existing collection for anxiety and stress relief, it’s important to charge them once they are cleansed and ready for use.

Rose quartz crystals, clear quartz, and carnelian stones help cleanse other crystals. You can surround your new rocks with these stones to increase the clearing process and add a singing bowl, which cleanses your stones’ vibrations, before charging and adding them to your healing crystals.

It’s important to set your intentions with crystals so that they can support your needs. Every crystal offers unique properties, so selecting suitable stones to charge with your needs is essential. Clear quartz rejuvenates your crown chakra and improves inner peace. Rose quartz is often used to help with intimacy and love.

  • Choose a crystal and hold it, then close your eyes. Reflect on your intentions and how you want to use your crystals for this purpose to activate your stone. You can charge the gemstone to provide relief from social anxiety as a calming stone.
  • Once you set your intention, place the crystals in a grid or in positions around your room to help you clear your mind, releasing fear and stress from your thoughts. Many people use a crystal grid, or formation, around their bedroom for a good night’s sleep.

Storing Your Crystals

Crystal jewelry is one of the most popular ways to enjoy the benefits of healing stones. Many people wear them to keep their intentions in mind throughout the day, and at night, they can be stored on an altar, in a crystal grid, or in a place where they are protected, such as a bedroom drawer or vanity.

While some people feel strongly about storing calming crystals carefully or in a specific way, you can keep them anywhere that works best for you.

They can accompany you as an energy muse during the day, in your pocket or purse, as a pendant, or in your backpack, or you can leave them at home to use them.

Protecting Your Healing Crystals and Tumbled Stones

A protective container or pouch often stores stones for crystal therapy. These are typically made of natural, organic materials, which create an energy of protection so that your rocks remain clear and focused on providing emotional balance.

This protection creates a barrier or shield that keeps your crystals’ energy strong. It’s essential to choose a soft pouch or container made with natural fibers or materials, unlike metal or plastic, which can cause chipping or similar damage to healing stones.

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Selecting the Best Crystals for Anxiety and Healing

Specific healing crystals are ideal for beginners using stones with calming properties for anxiety, stress, and fear. These most popular crystals can be combined to create your first collection.


If you’re changing direction in life and need a boost of energy to reaffirm your decision, chrysocolla is an excellent crystal that helps you focus while alleviating the stress that comes with a new change or start in life. It’s an excellent healing stone for embracing a new perspective, even when facing a difficult decision or unexpected event.


Amethyst is favored for its beautiful purple color and its sereneness, which helps promote tranquility while enhancing spirituality and peace. It’s a wonderful gem for jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet, and can help alleviate tension, stress, and compulsive behavior.


If you need a dose of positive energy and confidence while relieving anxiety, citrine offers a bright, cheerful vibe with its yellow shine while removing negative emotions and feelings. You may experience a sense of lightness or calm when you wear, carry, or use citrine daily.

Clear Quartz

Crystals work with the chakras of your body to stimulate positive energy and well-being. Clear quartz helps protect you from negative thoughts while energizing your crown chakra and helping you focus on goals as you let go of stressful thinking and anxiety. As the name of this stone suggests, you’ll find your mind feels clear and more refreshed with you use this quartz gem.


If you’re a new parent dealing with the stress of a busy life, moonstone can help you find a sense of balance while relieving you of fear, stress, and feeling overwhelmed.


Hematite removes negative energy by absorbing it, making you feel grounded and at peace during complicated, stressful situations. This crystal focuses on the root chakra, which transfers negative energy for positivity while helping protect you from further stress and anxiety.

Using Grounding Stones

If you prefer using grounding stones, either with or instead of healing crystals, they can provide a sense of peace and calm during difficult, stressful situations.

They can be decorated with paint or other materials to create words, colorful pictures, or themes of encouragement, such as “calm,” “soothe,” and “everything is ok,” among other phrases that you may find empowering or relaxing.

Additional Resources That Help With Crystal Healing

Crystals work well with soft music, natural sounds, and meditation. Nature Sound Retreat’s calming, soothing sounds of ocean waves, songbirds, and rainfall can enhance the performance of healing stones as you concentrate on your surroundings, meditate, or relax before sleep.

Natural soundscapes and soft music for meditation work well with grounding stones, and gems, whether you’re listening to them on the commute to work or in the evening at home.

Steps to How You Can Experience Relief From Anxiety With Crystals

Once you choose your healing crystals and they are cleansed and ready to use, you can charge them with your intentions and gain relief from their power.

  • Choose one or more crystals or stones, and hold them in your hands. Become aware of their attributes, including texture, weight, and how they feel in your hands.
  • Spend time getting acquainted with the crystals in your hands while closing your eyes, and breathing deep, measured breaths.
  • As you continue to hold the stones, take notice of their temperature and any sounds around you, which become heightened as you pay attention to them. If you can do this outdoors, in a quiet park or forest, you’ll find this process very pleasant and calming.
  • Take as long as you need to absorb the stones and their properties. After a while, open your eyes to examine the crystals, and notice any unique characteristics, such as different colors, unusual lines, and textures, then bring these attributes into your awareness. Without paying too much attention to these details, bring your mind back to how the stones feel physically in your hands and how you feel.

During this process, you may feel a lightness or relief from stress. You can perform these steps in the evening, just before bed, or when you practice meditation or follow routine light exercises.

Final Thoughts

The types of healing crystals you choose, getting acquainted with them, and using them often can help you find calmness, peace, and relief from anxiety.

You’ll find certain crystals provide specific properties that can promote a sense of balance, confidence in embarking on a new path in life, relief from stress, and a clear, calm mind that’s ideal for a good night’s rest.


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